My littlest lemon.


Ahhh it has been soo long since I’ve written a blog post! I lost all motivation to do anything maintain my photography blog once I was pregnant. I think all (three) of my readers miss it, and I am really starting to miss it too. So here I am with a new, personal blog where I will not feel guilty about gushing about the three loves of my life. I think I will also share some of my favorite photography sessions here too because, well why not. That too, is who I am.

My first post of course had to be of my littlest lemon and his newborn pictures. I am honored to introduce you to Carter Joseph. He was born on January 8th (I have told a few people now that he was born on the 6th and not even realized it until days later.. the 6th  was my due date. Baby brain, the struggle is real.) He was 8lbs 5oz and 21 long, I still can’t get over how big he was. Grayson was only 6lbs 10oz!

I am in love with all of these, and I do believe every single one of these are hanging in our home already.

carter-2868 carter-2885 carter-2898  carter-2963 carter-2965carter-2924

After Grayson, when I dreamed of a new baby all I wanted was a little girl. Like bad. But now I cannot imagine it any other way, and I have to admit being the queen in three fellas lives feels pretty amazing. Welcome to the world, and to our loving family Carter boy.