5 Things to do before your newborn comes

When you have a newborn, you tend to have a lot of quiet time (middle of the night feedings) to think. Well, you’re either thinking or trying your hardest not to nod off in the rocking chair. One night my mind wouldn’t turn off, even when I was back in bed and I thought about five things I suggest you do before your newborn comes.

1. On a quiet afternoon sit in your rocking chair, and go around and open and close all of your doors to see what makes any type of ridiculous squeaky noises. I know ideally you want your baby to sleep through any type of noises but man, that stupid squeak as you leave the room. Or rocking them back to sleep after your 1am feeding, that noise is enough to drive a momma wild. (Currently my chair has a squeak but I always forget during the day to grease that baby up!)

2. If there is an older sibling, stock up on a few new activities for them to do. For the first month at least you spend A LOT of time cooped up in the house. You all go a little stir-crazy, especially the toddler so the more things he can do around the house the better.

3. Something everybody tells you at the very end of your pregnancy is, “get as much as sleep as you can now!” So annoying because you could get all the sleep you want and have a 25 hour labor and you are no longer rested. But what I will tell you, just enjoy and appreciate the sleep you are getting.

4. If you’re having a winter baby, buy baby socks. It’s not something people typically buy you but you do need them if it’s cold in the house.

5. If money allows you, buy some new pajama bottoms. You spend a lot of time in them, and don’t always get to shower as often as you’re used to. Having something that is new, even as simple as pj’s or yoga pants makes you feel good. Plus you’ll most likely have some visitors, and if you don’t feel like putting on “real clothes” for your guests.beforeanewborn


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