I’ve known since the very beginning that Grayson was going to be a funny kid. (at least funny to me anyway) so I thought I would start writing out some of the things he comes up with, maybe someone else might get a chuckle too. We’ll call them Graysonisms.

Grayson: Pointing to a bicycle with a basked on the front, “Look mommy, she has a wire on her bike like yours. You guys can put a puppy in there.”

Playing pretend. Grayson: I’m going to the store.”
My mom: “What store are you going to?”
Grayson: “Michael’s, I need to buy some letters.”
Oh man, poor kid has been on one too many errands with me.

Grayson: “Mommy there’s some bad news in the other room, come on I’ll show you.”

Me to Carter: “What are you thinking about little boy?”
Grayson: “He’s probably thinking about milk.”

I was driving with the boys and I glanced back at Grayson and he had a smile on face, I asked him what he was thinking about. He said, “I’m just thinking about Uncle Ryan, I just want to play with him.”

691A4752 691A4735 Well this would have been a cute one but..691A4745

And speaking of blurry.. I have had my Canon 5D for over a year (maybe more) and have never even touched the video feature until today, and I did horrible. But I still wanted to make put these all together because despite how blurry it is, you can still see how big his smile is. Now I might be addicted, so you will more than likely see more of these little videos.. and more than likely they will have this same song because it’s my absolute favorite! I know I could have muted the actual video but I just love his little voice.


2 thoughts on “Graysonisms

  1. Oh my gosh. That video!! I’m thinking, wow Grayson is getting so big. Hey, I really like this song. Grayson Booty, what are you doing over there?? Oooooh my gosh!!! :::aaaaaalllll the tears::: can barely see the end of the video. I loved it!!


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