Best Friends.


Oh these boys. The have my whole heart for my whole life. I look at these and understand fully the Grace of Jesus because I do not deserve them. I am trying to embrace the whole “not perfect” picture these days. It’s hard. I look at them and think, ahh “if only”, I guess I wouldn’t be a photographer if I wasn’t a perfectionist in this craft. But for now, because these are my boys I don’t mind the imperfections. I just want to wake them up and give them big hugs and extra kisses.691A6184 691A6192 691A6193 691A6201

IF ONLY Carter was smiling on the right one, it would be the best picture ever. Finally a real smile from my big brother. Although even with no smile, I still love it. I pray these boys really do grow up to be the best of friends.691A6212


Grayson’s Birthday Wishlist

Wow I thought what I’ve put together before was a wishlist, but now that this kid actually has his own input. It is truly a wishlist, and let me tell you… I could have added a ton more to it. Every commercial that comes on the Disney channel is something he wants, “I WANT THAT!!” All.the.time. So I limited this to the ones that I could tolerate.

In a nutshell, he loves all things Ninja Turtle, and Super Hero. And we are big fans of Play-Doh around here, we also love being outside. He’s pretty easy, he loves it all. He is so excited about his birthday party, he is just like his momma.
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Jaxon :: five years old


I want to try and share some of my photography on this blog too, especially when I do my families’ pictures. This little guy is my nephew (and one of Gray’s very best buddies) Jaxon. Oh boy, the things you have to talk about to get natural smiles from five year olds. Let’s just say it usually involves flatulence.jaxon-5697

Childhood in a picture.jaxon-5758

My favorites usually end up being some of the last shots I take, this is no exception. I just love it, and him.jaxon-5762

Three months old :: Carter Joseph


Are we being serious right now?! Look at that face. It is so weird to look at your tiny human and truly believe they are perfection (even if no one else thinks so.) Your love for them is so deep that you only see perfect. The right one below I mean, HEART.EYES.carter-5532

I love his serious lips just as much.carter-5546 carter-5550 carter-5588

The scrunchy nose, so cute. Now please excuse me while I share four of pretty much the same picture.carter-5595 carter-5596 carter-5600  carter-5604 carter-5615 carter-5623

What a fun little session I had with my moose. Grayson was gone for the day playing with his cousin, I had planned to do these later in the week but decided since it was so quiet I should take advantage. So glad I did because I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! (If you happen to be curious you can peek at Grayson’s three month pictures to see the differences in the two boys) Things are just going to get more and more fun with this little guy I can tell.

Our first soccer camp experience

Our church (Calvary Canyon Hills) has been putting on a soccer camp for the kids spring break for the last few years and Grayson and I have always gone and just hung out on the sidelines. Well this year my bugaboo was old enough to participate, I was really excited! Overall he had a great time (he loves anything outside). The kids his age didn’t do much “soccer” but practiced a few things. Mostly they are just so darn cute running around in those oversized florescent jerseys! soccercamp_5026

Sweet friends Tanner and Rhyan joined in on the fun.soccercamp_5027

Eli (water break)soccercamp_5045

My favorite of Gray from the week.soccercamp_5108

There is his buddy Owen.. the one bending over.. Like I said, they had some time on their hands in between “drills” Haha I love it!soccercamp_5113

I love this little series. He seems pretty satisfied with himself here.soccercamp_5145 soccercamp_5147

Then there is this one. And yes the first day it was actually cool enough for him to be wearing a sweater! For about 10 minutes at least. Even when he’s looking serious, his lips smile I just love him!soccercamp_5037

Still working on those videos with my camera, please excuse anything out of focus ha!

In the past I have been behind the scenes in a lot of events our church hosts and for a change I have really, really loved participating with Grayson the last few years. I am so thankful for the people who give their time and make them so fun for us. (As always if you’re looking for a church to fellowship and be truly fed, come on over! You can check out the website and find out service times here.) Happy Monday!

Carter :: Monthly Achievements

Here we are again, another month older and more and more in love. I feel so blessed by this boy, so far he has been the best baby. If he slept longer at night there wouldn’t be absolutely anything to complain about. He smiles at everybody, tolerates Grayson well and lets me kiss him hundreds of times a day. He’s the perfect piece to our Williams’ puzzle.

three months

I didn’t realize the block had turned to four months on this first one darn it, but I love it so I had to include it anyway.

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

My girlfriend is expecting her third baby in the next couple weeks and we wanted to get together at least once more before she delivers and she suggested strawberry picking. Grayson always likes to be outside doing anything, but he had such a fun time picking the strawberries and playing with Liam. I mean, look at his face! Pure excitement.691A4762 691A4771 That one a little hard to pull G? 691A4780

I know you don’t see their faces but I just love this.691A4792 691A4801

Carter was there too. He was strapped to the front of me, poor guy I’m not used to carrying him up there yet and smacked him in the head with my big camera like three times! Hashtag momfail. Afterwards we hung out on the picnic tables and the boys ran around and played on the hail bales for a while, a fun morning for sure.

(We went to Kenny’s Strawberry Farm just in case anyone is interested.)