Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

My girlfriend is expecting her third baby in the next couple weeks and we wanted to get together at least once more before she delivers and she suggested strawberry picking. Grayson always likes to be outside doing anything, but he had such a fun time picking the strawberries and playing with Liam. I mean, look at his face! Pure excitement.691A4762 691A4771 That one a little hard to pull G? 691A4780

I know you don’t see their faces but I just love this.691A4792 691A4801

Carter was there too. He was strapped to the front of me, poor guy I’m not used to carrying him up there yet and smacked him in the head with my big camera like three times! Hashtag momfail. Afterwards we hung out on the picnic tables and the boys ran around and played on the hail bales for a while, a fun morning for sure.

(We went to Kenny’s Strawberry Farm just in case anyone is interested.)


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