Our first soccer camp experience

Our church (Calvary Canyon Hills) has been putting on a soccer camp for the kids spring break for the last few years and Grayson and I have always gone and just hung out on the sidelines. Well this year my bugaboo was old enough to participate, I was really excited! Overall he had a great time (he loves anything outside). The kids his age didn’t do much “soccer” but practiced a few things. Mostly they are just so darn cute running around in those oversized florescent jerseys! soccercamp_5026

Sweet friends Tanner and Rhyan joined in on the fun.soccercamp_5027

Eli (water break)soccercamp_5045

My favorite of Gray from the week.soccercamp_5108

There is his buddy Owen.. the one bending over.. Like I said, they had some time on their hands in between “drills” Haha I love it!soccercamp_5113

I love this little series. He seems pretty satisfied with himself here.soccercamp_5145 soccercamp_5147

Then there is this one. And yes the first day it was actually cool enough for him to be wearing a sweater! For about 10 minutes at least. Even when he’s looking serious, his lips smile I just love him!soccercamp_5037

Still working on those videos with my camera, please excuse anything out of focus ha!

In the past I have been behind the scenes in a lot of events our church hosts and for a change I have really, really loved participating with Grayson the last few years. I am so thankful for the people who give their time and make them so fun for us. (As always if you’re looking for a church to fellowship and be truly fed, come on over! You can check out the website and find out service times here.) Happy Monday!


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