Three months old :: Carter Joseph


Are we being serious right now?! Look at that face. It is so weird to look at your tiny human and truly believe they are perfection (even if no one else thinks so.) Your love for them is so deep that you only see perfect. The right one below I mean, HEART.EYES.carter-5532

I love his serious lips just as much.carter-5546 carter-5550 carter-5588

The scrunchy nose, so cute. Now please excuse me while I share four of pretty much the same picture.carter-5595 carter-5596 carter-5600  carter-5604 carter-5615 carter-5623

What a fun little session I had with my moose. Grayson was gone for the day playing with his cousin, I had planned to do these later in the week but decided since it was so quiet I should take advantage. So glad I did because I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! (If you happen to be curious you can peek at Grayson’s three month pictures to see the differences in the two boys) Things are just going to get more and more fun with this little guy I can tell.


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