Best Friends.


Oh these boys. The have my whole heart for my whole life. I look at these and understand fully the Grace of Jesus because I do not deserve them. I am trying to embrace the whole “not perfect” picture these days. It’s hard. I look at them and think, ahh “if only”, I guess I wouldn’t be a photographer if I wasn’t a perfectionist in this craft. But for now, because these are my boys I don’t mind the imperfections. I just want to wake them up and give them big hugs and extra kisses.691A6184 691A6192 691A6193 691A6201

IF ONLY Carter was smiling on the right one, it would be the best picture ever. Finally a real smile from my big brother. Although even with no smile, I still love it. I pray these boys really do grow up to be the best of friends.691A6212


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