I’m here for another installment of things Grayson says.

As you all know Gray had his first chance to go to soccer camp recently, this was one of our conversations on the first day.
Me: “Today I want you to be polite and sweet. So no thank you and yes please.
You have to be patient, wait your turn and listen to the coach.”
G: “I will do my best.”

I turned the tv to NCIS.
Grayson: “Not a kids show?”
Me: “No”
Him: “REALLY?!”

Grayson: “Look at me.” “I will like that when I’m five years old.”

G: “Hey! That’s where we went for Owen’s birthday party.”
Scott: “You’re smart Grayson!”
G: “I know. I’m so awesome.”

At the dermatologist after the doctor left.
Grayson: “Mommy, the doctors hands are cold! I like when people’s hand are cold!”

When Carter starts crying,

I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Grayson walks in.
G: “Mommy, how did the doctors get baby Carter out?” (What?!)Me: “Go ask your daddy.”

When I was putting him to bed one night.
Grayson: “Tomar means drink in Spanish”
Me: “Good job! Do you know how to say thank you in Spanish?”
Gray: “Thank you in Spanish”



Bridwell family


One day in my OB office I sat next to the sweetest girl, we chatted, connected and over social media for the past five years we shared our lives through little boxes. Now, I was lucky enough to meet her entire family, and LOOK at them. Cutest bunch ever.bridwell-3880 bridwell-3885 bridwell-3947

Grayson :: four years old


My precious Grayson,

I asked you last night if you knew that I loved you, you said yes. I asked you if you knew just how much I loved you, you said yes. But I know that you don’t fully understand the depth of my love for you, and that’s okay you don’t need to. But I will continue you tell you every day, at every chance I get that I love you big. I am wiping tears as I type, I love the way you love. You love your daddy, baby brother, your Papa and Nana’s, even your toys. You cherish it all. I see so much of both my and your daddy’s personalities in you as you grow. You get in this mood and you clean up everything, I mean everything.. even my stuff that I left out (that is all daddy) You are the best of the best when it comes to negotiating to get what you want, (whoops) and catch on to everything that is said, even when we talk in what we think is code. You love birthday parties, especially your own and have already started planning next year but haven’t even had this years’. You like to tell your friends mommies exactly what they are doing, even when they don’t ask. You are the best at telling the people you care about the most that you love them. You always want to hold hands with both me and your little brother. Four years ago you changed me for the best. I wouldn’t want anyone but you to tuck into bed every night. You are my favorite little person, and I love you so much.


When I started thinking about what I wanted him to wear for these my first thought was definitely not a Tom & Jerry shirt. But as I thought more about it, and wanting to capture exactly who is now I knew he had to wear it. Lately all he wants to watch is the old cartoons that we watched as a kid. Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It’s so cute, and let me tell you.. way less annoying than the cartoons out these days. grayson-6908 grayson-6911

This look, this is a Grayson look. I can’t remember what we asked him here but this is the look you get if you tell him he likes princesses or pink, “no way I don’t but I think you’re funny.”grayson-6919

Always with the thumbs up, or pointer finger in the sky. Classic move.grayson-6936 grayson-6943 grayson-6955

Let’s not forget Spidey-hands.grayson-6975


Now this look on the right, another classic Grayson look. This is right after he says, “Aw, cooome on!”grayson-6991 grayson-7009

Me: “Okay, do you want your chocolate now.” Him:


Goodness I love him so much it hurts. Happy Birthday my son, I can’t wait to spend today with you and then celebrate you tomorrow with all the other people who love you so.

(His cute shirt is from a fun shop Trendy Treehouse, I had been eyeballing it for a while and decided to finally get it, such a cute one for Memorial day)

Ayva :: 10 months


This pretty little thing is my one and only niece, and I can’t believe she’s going to be a year old in just two short months. Why does time just go so fast? I was fortunate enough to be in the room when Ayva was born (something I never thought I would want to do) and it wasn’t planned for me to be there but I couldn’t leave, I just wanted to be there. And Kathy was too busy to kick me out sooo.. Once Ayva was born I remember crying, so very happy for Ryan and Kathy and the new life they were going to be starting. Babies are truly a miracle.

Then fast forward ten months! We ran over to the lodge on Mother’s Day for a little photo session and it turned out to be the perfect weather. Ayva is at such a fun age, wanting to explore everything. I think in the very near future she will be walking and then she’ll really want to go! lazar-6736 lazar-6743 lazar-6751 lazar-6783

The right one down below, pretty sure it doesn’t get any more precious than that.lazar-6819

This is right before she discovered she loved the taste of sand. lazar-6846

I love you sweet girl, and I am so thankful you’re in this world.

Carter :: Monthly Achievements

What to say about four months. I think I am one person who likes all stages of baby, because I love this as much as I do the newborn. He is starting to explore everything, curious and observant to everything that is going on. He gets distracted when he’s eating, and always always has his eyes on big brother. He is already a momma’s boy, which I of course love and wouldn’t want it any other way.

We had lots of first this past month, the beach and the pool. Even the drive-in movie. He had his first real laugh, it was one of the best mommy moments yet because it was Grayson that was making him giggle. He is so lucky to have him as his big brother. He’s starting to grab at things, and anything he does get his hands on goes straight to the mouth. He is attached to blankets when he sleeps, he’s not particular to one certain one but I’ve noticed he likes to bury his head when he’s falling asleep. Still the sweetest and happiest boy, that is my favorite thing about him. I’m excited to spend the next month getting to know him more. (technically he is four months tomorrow but since it’s Mother’s Day I decided to post today)

four months

You know I don’t stop at just one.691A6581 691A6659

That double chin.691A6645

So when I am playing with him and trying to make him smile, I will gently pinch his cheeks and say, “cheeky cheeky” this is Gray imitating me. Something tells me he’s not as gentle.691A6680 691A6669

And there is this. The most perfect series of pictures, and something I never ever want to forget.691A6689

691A6688 691A6694 691A6700

Reighlyn :: four months


Funny story, I was scheduled to be induced January 7th early in the morning. Buuut when I called to make sure I could come in I was told I COULDN’T because there weren’t enough beds. Four women had literally just come in before I called all ready to deliver. 25 minutes later this little lady’s grammy sent me a message her that her mommy was in labor with her. Hey, she was in MY bed! (She wasn’t due for three more weeks!) Not gonna lie, I was a little grumpy that morning. But that’s another blog post for another time. I was so so very excited that Reighlyn was born, and I couldn’t wait to meet her! Carter was born the next day so these little friends are only one day apart. Now Reighlyn is four months old and such a smiley girl. It has already been so much fun to go through these past for months with Megan, I can’t wait for them to grow up together. They came over at the beginning of this week for our session and I love all of these, I think that first one is my favorite but here are the others I love.saunders-6483 saunders-6492

See, smiley and happy.saunders-6539 saunders-6551

Carter crashed her session for a few minutes, we’ve got some chubby bunnies that’s for sure. I love them so much.saunders-6505

Carter’s Nursery

So part of me does not want to post this because let’s face it, I am completely horrible at these room shots. Like, it’s embarrassing. But part of me kind of doesn’t care and is pretending I’m just a mom-blogger and not an actual photographer so it’s okay if they aren’t perfect. Just know that these pictures do not justice as to how cute this room actually is! Come over for a visit and I’ll give you a real peek. I’ll post some links at the end for the shops that I got some of the stuff from.

691A4733 691A5194 691A5180691A5191691A5188

Black and white plus blanket: Modern Burlap
Changing pad cover: My mom made it, and the fabric is from Spoonflower
The black basket, black & white plus block, black & white signs and bubble gum machine: Hobby Lobby
Triangle shelves: Scott made them
Zebra head: Anthropologie
Triangle mobile: Handmade by me, felt from Benzie Design
Triangle wall decals: Urban Walls

I think that’s about everything, if I forgot something ask me in the comments and I’ll let you know!