Reighlyn :: four months


Funny story, I was scheduled to be induced January 7th early in the morning. Buuut when I called to make sure I could come in I was told I COULDN’T because there weren’t enough beds. Four women had literally just come in before I called all ready to deliver. 25 minutes later this little lady’s grammy sent me a message her that her mommy was in labor with her. Hey, she was in MY bed! (She wasn’t due for three more weeks!) Not gonna lie, I was a little grumpy that morning. But that’s another blog post for another time. I was so so very excited that Reighlyn was born, and I couldn’t wait to meet her! Carter was born the next day so these little friends are only one day apart. Now Reighlyn is four months old and such a smiley girl. It has already been so much fun to go through these past for months with Megan, I can’t wait for them to grow up together. They came over at the beginning of this week for our session and I love all of these, I think that first one is my favorite but here are the others I love.saunders-6483 saunders-6492

See, smiley and happy.saunders-6539 saunders-6551

Carter crashed her session for a few minutes, we’ve got some chubby bunnies that’s for sure. I love them so much.saunders-6505


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