Carter :: Monthly Achievements

What to say about four months. I think I am one person who likes all stages of baby, because I love this as much as I do the newborn. He is starting to explore everything, curious and observant to everything that is going on. He gets distracted when he’s eating, and always always has his eyes on big brother. He is already a momma’s boy, which I of course love and wouldn’t want it any other way.

We had lots of first this past month, the beach and the pool. Even the drive-in movie. He had his first real laugh, it was one of the best mommy moments yet because it was Grayson that was making him giggle. He is so lucky to have him as his big brother. He’s starting to grab at things, and anything he does get his hands on goes straight to the mouth. He is attached to blankets when he sleeps, he’s not particular to one certain one but I’ve noticed he likes to bury his head when he’s falling asleep. Still the sweetest and happiest boy, that is my favorite thing about him. I’m excited to spend the next month getting to know him more. (technically he is four months tomorrow but since it’s Mother’s Day I decided to post today)

four months

You know I don’t stop at just one.691A6581 691A6659

That double chin.691A6645

So when I am playing with him and trying to make him smile, I will gently pinch his cheeks and say, “cheeky cheeky” this is Gray imitating me. Something tells me he’s not as gentle.691A6680 691A6669

And there is this. The most perfect series of pictures, and something I never ever want to forget.691A6689

691A6688 691A6694 691A6700


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