Grayson :: four years old


My precious Grayson,

I asked you last night if you knew that I loved you, you said yes. I asked you if you knew just how much I loved you, you said yes. But I know that you don’t fully understand the depth of my love for you, and that’s okay you don’t need to. But I will continue you tell you every day, at every chance I get that I love you big. I am wiping tears as I type, I love the way you love. You love your daddy, baby brother, your Papa and Nana’s, even your toys. You cherish it all. I see so much of both my and your daddy’s personalities in you as you grow. You get in this mood and you clean up everything, I mean everything.. even my stuff that I left out (that is all daddy) You are the best of the best when it comes to negotiating to get what you want, (whoops) and catch on to everything that is said, even when we talk in what we think is code. You love birthday parties, especially your own and have already started planning next year but haven’t even had this years’. You like to tell your friends mommies exactly what they are doing, even when they don’t ask. You are the best at telling the people you care about the most that you love them. You always want to hold hands with both me and your little brother. Four years ago you changed me for the best. I wouldn’t want anyone but you to tuck into bed every night. You are my favorite little person, and I love you so much.


When I started thinking about what I wanted him to wear for these my first thought was definitely not a Tom & Jerry shirt. But as I thought more about it, and wanting to capture exactly who is now I knew he had to wear it. Lately all he wants to watch is the old cartoons that we watched as a kid. Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It’s so cute, and let me tell you.. way less annoying than the cartoons out these days. grayson-6908 grayson-6911

This look, this is a Grayson look. I can’t remember what we asked him here but this is the look you get if you tell him he likes princesses or pink, “no way I don’t but I think you’re funny.”grayson-6919

Always with the thumbs up, or pointer finger in the sky. Classic move.grayson-6936 grayson-6943 grayson-6955

Let’s not forget Spidey-hands.grayson-6975


Now this look on the right, another classic Grayson look. This is right after he says, “Aw, cooome on!”grayson-6991 grayson-7009

Me: “Okay, do you want your chocolate now.” Him:


Goodness I love him so much it hurts. Happy Birthday my son, I can’t wait to spend today with you and then celebrate you tomorrow with all the other people who love you so.

(His cute shirt is from a fun shop Trendy Treehouse, I had been eyeballing it for a while and decided to finally get it, such a cute one for Memorial day)


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