I’m here for another installment of things Grayson says.

As you all know Gray had his first chance to go to soccer camp recently, this was one of our conversations on the first day.
Me: “Today I want you to be polite and sweet. So no thank you and yes please.
You have to be patient, wait your turn and listen to the coach.”
G: “I will do my best.”

I turned the tv to NCIS.
Grayson: “Not a kids show?”
Me: “No”
Him: “REALLY?!”

Grayson: “Look at me.” “I will like that when I’m five years old.”

G: “Hey! That’s where we went for Owen’s birthday party.”
Scott: “You’re smart Grayson!”
G: “I know. I’m so awesome.”

At the dermatologist after the doctor left.
Grayson: “Mommy, the doctors hands are cold! I like when people’s hand are cold!”

When Carter starts crying,

I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Grayson walks in.
G: “Mommy, how did the doctors get baby Carter out?” (What?!)Me: “Go ask your daddy.”

When I was putting him to bed one night.
Grayson: “Tomar means drink in Spanish”
Me: “Good job! Do you know how to say thank you in Spanish?”
Gray: “Thank you in Spanish”



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