Our first ER experience

As a parent, probably from one of the first moments you find out you’re expecting you start to realize how fragile their lives are. And expect that there may be (many) trips to the ER throughout their life. I am thankful that we haven’t had any until now, and that this one was super minor in comparison to what could happen. He had gotten hurt on Saturday afternoon but Scott had decided (he is the level headed one) that we didn’t need to go. He even jumped in the pool for a bit but as the night went on he seemed still in a lot of pain and wouldn’t move that arm at all. Then he didn’t sleep much and we decided we should just go and have it checked out as a “just in case.” Grayson didn’t want to go because he was afraid of getting a shot more than anything (thank you four year well-check for that fear)

I have heard before when kids go into the emergency room that they are very cautious of child abuse so I knew I was going to let Grayson answer all of their questions on his own. (I know it’s more on different types of injuries that what he had) But when I was getting him dressed I was mainly concerned with putting him in something we could easily get him in and out of while they checked him out. Just getting him undressed last night was torture for him, so I just put him in a lightweight zip-up jacket. Of course as I was zipping it up I freaking zipped up his chest skin! I wanted to cry, and all I thought was please please don’t tell the nurses I did that! I did ask him if it made him forget his arm pain, harhar.. Bad joke.

Anyway, as per usual I was that annoying mamarazzi snapping pictures of it all. I did try to be discrete but I’m sure the nurses were rolling their eyes at me.  But that’s okay, they all loooved Grayson so I don’t think they minded all too much. He sounded so cute when they asked him for his name and birth date, “Grayson Williams, May twentieth” This bottom right picture cracks me up, both do actually but he looks miserable on the right one. But he looks worse than he really was, he just didn’t like the wheelchair.IMG_0870

These next are of his x-rays, this part was sad for me only because he had to keep moving his wrist in different directions. When he had to hold it on it’s side, his poor little wrist was shaking from the pain. That was the worst part of the day for me. The right picture is because I had to stay outside the door and the nurse counted to three really loud and then I was able to come back in. That little smile was for me when I opened the door.IMG_0886

We took a break outside while we waited for the results.IMG_0891

And of course, the “trip” wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the two of us. I took one with daddy in it too but couldn’t share that one (yuck of me). IMG_0871

This is when they gave us the results of it being a sprain and not a break.IMG_0895

Then wrapping it up.. I really, really wish I could remember what he said right before this picture because, that face.IMG_0897

He did not like the bandage and he was ready to go home by this time. Although I will say, we were in and out so fast… We checked in at 8:36 and we were on our way out by 10:15, crazy right. I am so thankful for that.IMG_0902

One last thing I want to remember was last night when he was going to bed he had already been laying in bed for a minute and I realized his blanket was in the living room so I brought it in and he immediately took the other blanket he was using off of himself, and put “his” blanket jut covering the spot on his arm that hurt. His little comfort, it was so cute. And can I just say, that little wristband on his tiny wrist…

I am so thankful for him, and that it wasn’t anything worse.. and for my family who took Carter so we didn’t have to worry about him.

And ps. all I am thinking now is why didn’t I strip him down and pressure wash him outside before I let him come home in clothes he wore at the hospital? Please Lord don’t let us bring home MRSA. Ha!




Isaiah William :: 6 days old

allen-7636This blog post has been a long time coming, we’ve been waiting for baby Isaiah long before we knew he was a he. We’ve prayed for those ten tiny toes and fingers, and that little beat of his heart for a long time now. I know I am not his mommy but I think the wait was sure worth it, because he is perfect. Sometimes I forget the closeness of our group until something happens (good or bad) but when it does and I see the bond we have, I am so thankful. We are just as happy about this baby for Andy and Sam as if he were our own, and to me that is very special.

I am not sure exactly how long Sam and I have been friends (I think it is going on about 11 years now) but having her as a friend has changed me. She is someone who you can count on to be true to herself, there are no games with her. She is someone who you can trust, in many ways but especially with your secrets. Trust me, I’ve tried to pry things that I know she knows (Like what Amie is having, boy or girl?!) and she’s like a vault, locked down. I love that about her, I want to be more like her. Sam is our biggest cheerleader, she treats every baby of ours like they’re so special. She loves every one of them so good. She is also someone who can laugh at herself, and can take a joke like the best of them. Now seeing her as a mommy, it’s my favorite version.


Of course Andy’s cool too, you know if you want some good BBQ. (kidding Andy you know I love ya) seeing you with Sam and Isaiah has allowed me to see a side of you I never have before.allen-7694

Isaiah was a little angel the morning of our session. Mommy also did a great job following of our suggested tips which totally helped I am sure. I was there for about three hours and I don’t think I saw his eyes open more than once. Definitely allowed us to get many, many, many pictures of him. allen-7709 allen-7720

I think baby lips just beg you to kiss them.

allen-7805allen-7809allen-78138. template_2V

I had to include this one in my favorites because he would randomly stretch out his legs and flex his little feet like this, it was the cutest thing.



Tiny human parts..


Last but not least, Isaiah’s nursery.. They way it all came together was awesome and I love it.. allen-8074 allen-8075 allen-8096 allen-8090

Getting to spend so much time with you guys and your family has been so fun for me. Between labor, and all of the visits I’ve had, I feel like part of the family. The joy that Isaiah brings to everyone in his life is immeasurable. This new chapter, both him and your new house is going to be such a good one. “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lam. 3:22-23)  So thankful for you in my life Allens.

Oh! I almost forgot, I wanted to do something a little special for them so I made this quick montage right after our session.. It got a unanimous thumbs up and heart eyes from the crowd so I figured I would share it here too.












Grayson’s Spider-man birthday party

691A7033-2This Spider-man birthday party has been in the planning stages (by Grayson) since May of last year. Geez talk about pressure. I have to talk myself out of going all out, not because I have anything to prove but because I just love it. I love all the fun details that you can do with parties, and showers. But knowing he doesn’t need an extravagant party every year I tried to keep it very simple this time. What he cared about the most was his cake and a Spider-man jumper. Check and check.

Because I love planning and throwing parties and it is not in me to procrastinate, there isn’t much that stresses me out before or during them. Except, the weather.. dundundun. Go figure it’s the only thing I can’t control. We are pretty fortunate in California but in the last four years we’ve had a mixture of weather for his parties. Last year was perfect, cloudy but not cold at all. Actually his second birthday was perfect too, sunny but not hot.. First was like a thousand degrees and then this one…. sooooo windy.. I was so bummed by it.. The reason it stresses me out is because I always, always want the guests to be completely comfortable. If they might not be, it worries me.

Enough about that, oh but one more thing. Because it was ridiculously windy I decided to keep just about everything that wasn’t heavy enough in boxes. Lame. But what can I do. Like I said, I kept pretty simple so fruit skewers, a fun trail mix and a really delicious brownie batter dip to start off the table. I had El Pollo Loco chicken, beans and rice so I just did chips and dip too.

691A7018 691A7022

I made chocolate and then used this amazing frosting recipe and mixed it with red food coloring. Scott’s sister did a great job on decorating it, Grayson loved it. Everyone else did too, that thing was gone long before we even got half way through the store bought one.691A7029 691A7037

Not my favorite picture ever, wind blown family at it’s finest but that’s okay. It’s us. It made Grayson so happy to have all of us wearing our super-hero clothes.691A7055-2

The attack of the terrible wind, Scott had hung the pinata before and while we were still setting up the wind (plus poor quality I’m sure) took Spidey’s body right off. So Scott used a little a ton of packing tape to stitch him up. Good as new right?691A7059

Pinata’s are serious business around here. The determination on his face kills me. He’s never had a look like that before, that’s for sure.691A7110-2

Some of his buddies and their go at it.691A7082-2 691A7068

It made my heart happy to see so many people show up wearing some super hero gear. Even the mommy and daddy’s, Grayson loved that part too. I believe this is most of the gang, well the ones old enough to stand anyway. 691A7152-2

And this might be my favorite from the day.. These four. I hope their bond and love for each other only grows stronger and stronger.



Storybook Baby Shower


A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I threw our dear friend a baby shower, I would say it was pretty near to perfect. (We won’t mention the turkey sandwiches that we served totally forgetting pregnant mommas have to stay away from lunch meat) But yeah, we’re not talking about that. Back to it being perfect, the hostess’ house is beautiful and the weather outside was gorgeous. Plus there is something so special throwing a person who is not only so deserving but who will truly appreciate it. That is Sam. I won’t go into detail of course but it wasn’t an easy road for Sam to get pregnant, but that only made us that much more excited that it was finally her turn. Sam is so thankful for that boy, and it shows. She had “the glow” for sure.

At first I was nervous the shower for her wouldn’t be good, I think I was feeling the pressure because it was finally for Sam. Not to mention she knows how to throw a baby shower like the best of them, so I was super nervous but once the girls and I started getting together to start planning ideas were just flowing and I started to be able to picture it all. Oh! I should mention that all of these pictures were taken by Sam herself, annnd she designed the bookmark favors. I love how bright they are!DSC_8663-2 DSC_8664-2 DSC_8677-2 DSC_8678-2 DSC_8667-2

One of my favorite parts, the dessert table. More colors!DSC_8673-2 DSC_8675-2

Can we stop for a minute and talk about the Oreo pops? Pretty much the best tasting dessert ever, and that’s not because I made them. (Recipe can be found here on my Pinterest) and again, I absolutely love the bright colors we used.DSC_8682-2

They’re so good they get two pictures. I didn’t try the cupcakes but Lisa made them, so I would bet money they are delicious. DSC_8680-2 DSC_8699-2

I know that I did brag a little the Oreo pops but another fan favorite is this fruit salad. I never knew a fruit salad could taste so good. Sam’s mom made it, it was unanimous when we were planning the shower that Debbie had to make it. I don’t know her secret but I think it might be magical fairy dust.DSC_8701-2

We just played a couple of (super fun) games. This one you are in a team of 1-2 and grab some play-doh and you are to build a baby in a crib. Sam would choose her favorite, and then winner got to take home the adorable flower centerpieces.DSC_8707-2

Go figure the team who won included Jamie, hater dislik(er) of all things play-doh. No really, I think I was banned from getting her boys birthday gifts that included play-doh a long time ago. Haha, I’m kidding! Sort of. But their baby was so cute (and so is this picture of them!) I wish we would have snapped a picture of him too.DSC_8711-2


We also played “Name that Character” and I thought it turned out super cute, and I think they all had fun playing it. (This is Sam’s beautiful momma kindly holding up our character board) DSC_8717-2

In the invitation we asked the guests to bring a book instead of a card, and then I whipped up these library cards to go in the inside. So everyone filled one of these out at the shower and Sam will add these to all of the books.DSC_8689-2 DSC_8696-2

I snapped this cute picture while Sam was opening up gifts, just missing Jamie and Lauren who were helping Sam with the gifts. And Debbie is over there cut off, but Deb I think you’ll be glad because it looked like you were mid-speaking. Haha!! DSC_8726-2

Then finally, the beautiful expecting mommy.DSC_8714-2

What do you think, such a cute shower right? And guess what, today I’m taking that sweet boy’s newborn pictures! I’ll definitely share those here too. I love you Sam, and I am so thankful for your friendship.IMG_3603-2









Carter :: monthly achievements

Five months already with my little lovable Carter Joseph. I am still in awe of him, his sweet disposition and ability to make even strangers smile. When he wakes up for his night feeding, I will put him back in bed and look down at him. He looks back up and squeals and kicks his feet with joy. I haven’t seen a time yet that I couldn’t get him to crack at least a quick smile at me. 5 months

Grayson was such a good baby too, Carter though is even more easy going. He will just hang out in his crib and kick around until he falls asleep, or after his nap waiting for me to get him out. Then when I pick him up, the first thing he does is bury his head in my neck. I’ve been trying to teach him to give me kisses and I’m not sure he’s catching on but he’ll grab my face in both of his hands and if that’s the way he is going to kiss me I might just die.

When I first took these I realized I left out the block.. Well, my OCD will not let me use ones that don’t match the rest. So the next day we were headed to the beach and before we left I snapped these.

691A7432-2 691A7437-2

Here are a few cute ones from the day before.691A7386-2

That tongue looks like a perfect little strawberry.691A7387-2

His brothers lips are my favorite feature of his.691A7389-2

He is so so loved by all of us, his smiling face lights up my soul. I love you Moose.691A7414-2