Carter :: monthly achievements

Five months already with my little lovable Carter Joseph. I am still in awe of him, his sweet disposition and ability to make even strangers smile. When he wakes up for his night feeding, I will put him back in bed and look down at him. He looks back up and squeals and kicks his feet with joy. I haven’t seen a time yet that I couldn’t get him to crack at least a quick smile at me. 5 months

Grayson was such a good baby too, Carter though is even more easy going. He will just hang out in his crib and kick around until he falls asleep, or after his nap waiting for me to get him out. Then when I pick him up, the first thing he does is bury his head in my neck. I’ve been trying to teach him to give me kisses and I’m not sure he’s catching on but he’ll grab my face in both of his hands and if that’s the way he is going to kiss me I might just die.

When I first took these I realized I left out the block.. Well, my OCD will not let me use ones that don’t match the rest. So the next day we were headed to the beach and before we left I snapped these.

691A7432-2 691A7437-2

Here are a few cute ones from the day before.691A7386-2

That tongue looks like a perfect little strawberry.691A7387-2

His brothers lips are my favorite feature of his.691A7389-2

He is so so loved by all of us, his smiling face lights up my soul. I love you Moose.691A7414-2


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