Storybook Baby Shower


A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I threw our dear friend a baby shower, I would say it was pretty near to perfect. (We won’t mention the turkey sandwiches that we served totally forgetting pregnant mommas have to stay away from lunch meat) But yeah, we’re not talking about that. Back to it being perfect, the hostess’ house is beautiful and the weather outside was gorgeous. Plus there is something so special throwing a person who is not only so deserving but who will truly appreciate it. That is Sam. I won’t go into detail of course but it wasn’t an easy road for Sam to get pregnant, but that only made us that much more excited that it was finally her turn. Sam is so thankful for that boy, and it shows. She had “the glow” for sure.

At first I was nervous the shower for her wouldn’t be good, I think I was feeling the pressure because it was finally for Sam. Not to mention she knows how to throw a baby shower like the best of them, so I was super nervous but once the girls and I started getting together to start planning ideas were just flowing and I started to be able to picture it all. Oh! I should mention that all of these pictures were taken by Sam herself, annnd she designed the bookmark favors. I love how bright they are!DSC_8663-2 DSC_8664-2 DSC_8677-2 DSC_8678-2 DSC_8667-2

One of my favorite parts, the dessert table. More colors!DSC_8673-2 DSC_8675-2

Can we stop for a minute and talk about the Oreo pops? Pretty much the best tasting dessert ever, and that’s not because I made them. (Recipe can be found here on my Pinterest) and again, I absolutely love the bright colors we used.DSC_8682-2

They’re so good they get two pictures. I didn’t try the cupcakes but Lisa made them, so I would bet money they are delicious. DSC_8680-2 DSC_8699-2

I know that I did brag a little the Oreo pops but another fan favorite is this fruit salad. I never knew a fruit salad could taste so good. Sam’s mom made it, it was unanimous when we were planning the shower that Debbie had to make it. I don’t know her secret but I think it might be magical fairy dust.DSC_8701-2

We just played a couple of (super fun) games. This one you are in a team of 1-2 and grab some play-doh and you are to build a baby in a crib. Sam would choose her favorite, and then winner got to take home the adorable flower centerpieces.DSC_8707-2

Go figure the team who won included Jamie, hater dislik(er) of all things play-doh. No really, I think I was banned from getting her boys birthday gifts that included play-doh a long time ago. Haha, I’m kidding! Sort of. But their baby was so cute (and so is this picture of them!) I wish we would have snapped a picture of him too.DSC_8711-2


We also played “Name that Character” and I thought it turned out super cute, and I think they all had fun playing it. (This is Sam’s beautiful momma kindly holding up our character board) DSC_8717-2

In the invitation we asked the guests to bring a book instead of a card, and then I whipped up these library cards to go in the inside. So everyone filled one of these out at the shower and Sam will add these to all of the books.DSC_8689-2 DSC_8696-2

I snapped this cute picture while Sam was opening up gifts, just missing Jamie and Lauren who were helping Sam with the gifts. And Debbie is over there cut off, but Deb I think you’ll be glad because it looked like you were mid-speaking. Haha!! DSC_8726-2

Then finally, the beautiful expecting mommy.DSC_8714-2

What do you think, such a cute shower right? And guess what, today I’m taking that sweet boy’s newborn pictures! I’ll definitely share those here too. I love you Sam, and I am so thankful for your friendship.IMG_3603-2










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