Grayson’s Spider-man birthday party

691A7033-2This Spider-man birthday party has been in the planning stages (by Grayson) since May of last year. Geez talk about pressure. I have to talk myself out of going all out, not because I have anything to prove but because I just love it. I love all the fun details that you can do with parties, and showers. But knowing he doesn’t need an extravagant party every year I tried to keep it very simple this time. What he cared about the most was his cake and a Spider-man jumper. Check and check.

Because I love planning and throwing parties and it is not in me to procrastinate, there isn’t much that stresses me out before or during them. Except, the weather.. dundundun. Go figure it’s the only thing I can’t control. We are pretty fortunate in California but in the last four years we’ve had a mixture of weather for his parties. Last year was perfect, cloudy but not cold at all. Actually his second birthday was perfect too, sunny but not hot.. First was like a thousand degrees and then this one…. sooooo windy.. I was so bummed by it.. The reason it stresses me out is because I always, always want the guests to be completely comfortable. If they might not be, it worries me.

Enough about that, oh but one more thing. Because it was ridiculously windy I decided to keep just about everything that wasn’t heavy enough in boxes. Lame. But what can I do. Like I said, I kept pretty simple so fruit skewers, a fun trail mix and a really delicious brownie batter dip to start off the table. I had El Pollo Loco chicken, beans and rice so I just did chips and dip too.

691A7018 691A7022

I made chocolate and then used this amazing frosting recipe and mixed it with red food coloring. Scott’s sister did a great job on decorating it, Grayson loved it. Everyone else did too, that thing was gone long before we even got half way through the store bought one.691A7029 691A7037

Not my favorite picture ever, wind blown family at it’s finest but that’s okay. It’s us. It made Grayson so happy to have all of us wearing our super-hero clothes.691A7055-2

The attack of the terrible wind, Scott had hung the pinata before and while we were still setting up the wind (plus poor quality I’m sure) took Spidey’s body right off. So Scott used a little a ton of packing tape to stitch him up. Good as new right?691A7059

Pinata’s are serious business around here. The determination on his face kills me. He’s never had a look like that before, that’s for sure.691A7110-2

Some of his buddies and their go at it.691A7082-2 691A7068

It made my heart happy to see so many people show up wearing some super hero gear. Even the mommy and daddy’s, Grayson loved that part too. I believe this is most of the gang, well the ones old enough to stand anyway. 691A7152-2

And this might be my favorite from the day.. These four. I hope their bond and love for each other only grows stronger and stronger.




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