Becoming Child Wise

A friend recently recommended Child Wise to me, and we started out both of our boys on Baby Wise and although it has been a complete success with Carter (not as much with Grayson) but I completely stand behind the book and loved the routine we’ve always had with it. So I started Child Wise yesterday and got through two chapters and have already been so happy with the way it is started. I have to believe that the authors are faith-based but I do not know that is a fact. Anyway, just because.. I thought I would share a couple of things from these chapters that have stuck out to me..

“What do parents really want? First, we want to enjoy our children. Secondly, do other people enjoy our children. Are we raising children that are a joy and blessing to others? Third, to raise children that are well-prepared for life.” Yes, yes and yes. That small paragraph alone would have me craving to read this book because I want all of those things.

The second chapter was just as good. “Childwise Principle #1” “Great marriages make great parents.” And our homework is to take 15 minutes at the end of the work day, (while our children are awake) and have uninterrupted conversation. Scott is gone so much now, so much more than in the first 2-3 years of Grayson’s life. It has been an adjustment on him, and when Scott gets home he is glued to his side. I am okay with it, but ultimately I think we need to always remember it was us first. When Grayson was first born we had a conversation about even just when he comes home, I am the first person he greets. Of course Grayson always runs over to Scott, and he doesn’t ignore him but he makes it a point to always give me a kiss before he fully engages with him. I’ve also recently made a point to get up from whatever I am doing to greet him. (That is because I want Scott to know how happy I am that he is home as well) But just the simple fact that our children know we come first. Does not mean we love them less, but that our marriage is important. In that, our children will find security.

There you have it, a couple little nuggets that have stuck out to me already. Agree? Disagree? I don’t mind and love that we all have opinions, let me know your thoughts if you want._MG_3476


Let’s talk

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen some of these, but this is just a few things I would tell you if we went to lunch today.

When I was a kid I would eat vanilla ice cream with pretzels, and right now it is all I want for a snack. I would have it twice a day if no one (including my hips) would notice.

The show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ used to bug me so bad, now I laugh out loud just about every episode. I completely relate to Sheldon. Not the genius part but his fear of germs. Did you see the one where the spit was went into his mouth? I died.

I’ve had the itch to move for a while now, and apparently passed it on to Grayson because all he talks about is “our new house”.

If I had to choose between dairy and nursing, it would have been C’est la vie nursing! Can’t get between a girl and her cheese.

Who knew you spelled C’est la vie like that, I had to google it.

Goldfish Colors, where have you been all my life?

I sure am talking a lot about food.

The thought of being in a bathing suit makes me cringe. Maybe it’s because of all of the junk food I’ve been eating.

Speaking of nursing, my goal was six months and we just passed it. I was on the count down, and feel so proud of myself for making it. I will miss the way his hand lays across my chest. It’s my favorite. I will not miss the way he karate chops my neck.

I wash my colors and whites together. Unless I actually feel like doing laundry, which is pretty much never.

Scott told me the other day we should only use paper please when we don’t have time to do the dishes. Um, who ever has time for dishes?

Grayson has been wiping away my kisses lately, I wish he knew how sad that makes me.

It hasn’t always been, but the beach is my happy place.

I finally watched ‘The War Room’, so cheesy but so good.

No matter how hard I try I cannot cook a good pancake, or Rice A Roni.

Well there you have it, a little insight into the crazy that is me. xoxo



Back to School mini sessions


I now know the unfortunate feeling of “going back to school”. I already don’t like it. But that’s another story for another time. Because it is that time of year, I decided to do some more back to school mini sessions. These were a huge hit the last time so I hope it’s the same. You can scroll straight to the bottom to get the details if you want to skip the cute pictures. Up top is Owen, he will be in the same class as Grayson for preschool. We’re pretty excited about it! Down below is Elijah, he is going into third grade and I can’t even believe it. The age he is now is the same age that I met his daddy, so crazy to think about. He is such a good, kind boy and all the little kids just love being around him. backtoschool_9368

Now of course the few photos I wanted to take of Grayson for the flyer turned into it’s own mini session. I mean, look at this ham. He was on his A-game. backtoschool_9246

I am being one hundred percent honest when I tell you that I am not ready for this. My heart is sad. But I am happy for him, and I know that preschool is so good for kids and it will only do good. backtoschool_9276 backtoschool_9278 backtoschool_9291

Now, the deets. backtoschool

Super simple. $35 for 20 minute sessions and that also includes two different digital images. (You choose the images) Booking Friday, July 29th and Saturday, August 6th. If you want a time during one of those days just let me know! These sessions are for preschool age and older, and will just be individual shots. The set-up this time is a little too tiny to do any sort of group shots. I am really excited, I’ve actually grown quite fond of these short, super fun sessions. (Email me at





Nora :: nine months


This pretty little girl turns nine months today. She has the sweetest personality and you can usually just find her hanging out in the arms of her daddy (resting comfortably on that pillow of his) Pretty soon she is going to be on the move exploring everything and trying to keep up with that silly sister of hers. When I know Nora is coming in, I know it’s going to be an easy session because she’s so happy… although this morning it was her mommy that was getting allll the smiles. She just gave me looks like she thought I was crazy, kind of like her daddy does.. Those first couple of smiles were for me but the rest, mommy only.

When we did her big sister Molly’s nine month pictures, they quickly became some of my favorites ever. We wanted to do a few similar to hers, with this fancy chair and pretty pearls. A little segment of who wore it better? They both are pretty darn beautiful so I can’t decide. You can see Molly’s session here. Now, Nora Mae..

nora-8644 nora-8655 nora-8675 nora-8676 nora-8739

Happy nine months pretty girl, we love you.

Reighlyn :: six months


Have you ever seen a cuter grin?? I can’t believe it has already been six months. Reighlyn has the sweetest little personality and was such a joy to take pictures of. So easy going and happy. It is going to be so much fun watching this little one grow.reighlyn-8943 reighlyn-8966 reighlyn-9024 reighlyn-9013

I think I mentioned before that she and Carter are birthday buddies, born only a day apart. So we try to take a picture of them together when we can.. This is last week when Carter was a whole different baby because of teething (I think?) so he was not having pictures at all. But here is our quarterly Reighlyn/Carter picture. Poor Reighlyn became so upset because her friend wouldn’t stop crying that it started her as well. Oh well, here’s to hoping the nine month one is successful! reighlyn-9039



Carter :: Monthly Achievements and 6 months photos


Apparently last time I separated these two posts but for the sake of I am in a hurry they are going together. Six months is such a fun age, what can I say about this little human. He is simply the best. He’s started to give me kisses when I ask (sometimes, if he feels like it of course) He took an interest in our food much earlier than Grayson did, actually I am not sure G was ever interested. So I started him with some peas, and he did great. Since then we’ve done carrots, zucchini, sweet potato and he loves it all. He did not like yellow squash but other than that he eats like a champ, and it’s actually fun feeding him. I get excited to give him new things and can’t wait to keep exploring with different combinations. Carter hardly cries, especially for no reason but wipe off his face after he eats and you would swear the world was ending. In the last two weeks he started rolling over, it is just as exciting the second time around when they do things for the first time! We are still working on the sitting thing, he leans waaaaay forward and can’t hold his body weight up just yet. Maybe next month! He is also still waking up once a night and I was okay with that because we were still nursing. But starting this week we have been transitioning to formula full time and once we are there I am going to push for the all-nighters. Oh and speaking of sleeping, he has theee best sleepy eyes.. I love when I get to wake him up, because I get to see those precious sleepy eyes. Plus, he is just so happy when he wakes. What a difference when a baby actually gets the sleep he is suppose to.. I keep thinking he is going to get a tooth popping through, especially after this week my always happy baby was having a rough couple of days. Maybe soon. What a blessing he is to our family, I am so thankful for him.6 months

Now onto his actual six month pictures. Again, I am in love with them.. He is so easy to photograph that I don’t stop until he is DONE. Of course, he loves those toes.


That face!


This one inherited my one-squinted-eye smile. He looks a lot cuter than I do though.


“Mommy what is he doing to me?”


“Mommy what are you dong to me?”


The best way to get a cute one out of both of them is for Gray to kiss him. Win-win. Grayson’s eye lashes, so jealous.



Love, love, LOVE. Happy six months my little moose.