Carter :: Monthly Achievements and 6 months photos


Apparently last time I separated these two posts but for the sake of I am in a hurry they are going together. Six months is such a fun age, what can I say about this little human. He is simply the best. He’s started to give me kisses when I ask (sometimes, if he feels like it of course) He took an interest in our food much earlier than Grayson did, actually I am not sure G was ever interested. So I started him with some peas, and he did great. Since then we’ve done carrots, zucchini, sweet potato and he loves it all. He did not like yellow squash but other than that he eats like a champ, and it’s actually fun feeding him. I get excited to give him new things and can’t wait to keep exploring with different combinations. Carter hardly cries, especially for no reason but wipe off his face after he eats and you would swear the world was ending. In the last two weeks he started rolling over, it is just as exciting the second time around when they do things for the first time! We are still working on the sitting thing, he leans waaaaay forward and can’t hold his body weight up just yet. Maybe next month! He is also still waking up once a night and I was okay with that because we were still nursing. But starting this week we have been transitioning to formula full time and once we are there I am going to push for the all-nighters. Oh and speaking of sleeping, he has theee best sleepy eyes.. I love when I get to wake him up, because I get to see those precious sleepy eyes. Plus, he is just so happy when he wakes. What a difference when a baby actually gets the sleep he is suppose to.. I keep thinking he is going to get a tooth popping through, especially after this week my always happy baby was having a rough couple of days. Maybe soon. What a blessing he is to our family, I am so thankful for him.6 months

Now onto his actual six month pictures. Again, I am in love with them.. He is so easy to photograph that I don’t stop until he is DONE. Of course, he loves those toes.


That face!


This one inherited my one-squinted-eye smile. He looks a lot cuter than I do though.


“Mommy what is he doing to me?”


“Mommy what are you dong to me?”


The best way to get a cute one out of both of them is for Gray to kiss him. Win-win. Grayson’s eye lashes, so jealous.



Love, love, LOVE. Happy six months my little moose.





One thought on “Carter :: Monthly Achievements and 6 months photos

  1. Oh those photos!!!! His expressions are just so precious. His smile just makes me so happy!! I think the squinty eyed smile may be my favorite though since it reminds me so much his mama!


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