Nora :: nine months


This pretty little girl turns nine months today. She has the sweetest personality and you can usually just find her hanging out in the arms of her daddy (resting comfortably on that pillow of his) Pretty soon she is going to be on the move exploring everything and trying to keep up with that silly sister of hers. When I know Nora is coming in, I know it’s going to be an easy session because she’s so happy… although this morning it was her mommy that was getting allll the smiles. She just gave me looks like she thought I was crazy, kind of like her daddy does.. Those first couple of smiles were for me but the rest, mommy only.

When we did her big sister Molly’s nine month pictures, they quickly became some of my favorites ever. We wanted to do a few similar to hers, with this fancy chair and pretty pearls. A little segment of who wore it better? They both are pretty darn beautiful so I can’t decide. You can see Molly’s session here. Now, Nora Mae..

nora-8644 nora-8655 nora-8675 nora-8676 nora-8739

Happy nine months pretty girl, we love you.


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