Back to School mini sessions


I now know the unfortunate feeling of “going back to school”. I already don’t like it. But that’s another story for another time. Because it is that time of year, I decided to do some more back to school mini sessions. These were a huge hit the last time so I hope it’s the same. You can scroll straight to the bottom to get the details if you want to skip the cute pictures. Up top is Owen, he will be in the same class as Grayson for preschool. We’re pretty excited about it! Down below is Elijah, he is going into third grade and I can’t even believe it. The age he is now is the same age that I met his daddy, so crazy to think about. He is such a good, kind boy and all the little kids just love being around him. backtoschool_9368

Now of course the few photos I wanted to take of Grayson for the flyer turned into it’s own mini session. I mean, look at this ham. He was on his A-game. backtoschool_9246

I am being one hundred percent honest when I tell you that I am not ready for this. My heart is sad. But I am happy for him, and I know that preschool is so good for kids and it will only do good. backtoschool_9276 backtoschool_9278 backtoschool_9291

Now, the deets. backtoschool

Super simple. $35 for 20 minute sessions and that also includes two different digital images. (You choose the images) Booking Friday, July 29th and Saturday, August 6th. If you want a time during one of those days just let me know! These sessions are for preschool age and older, and will just be individual shots. The set-up this time is a little too tiny to do any sort of group shots. I am really excited, I’ve actually grown quite fond of these short, super fun sessions. (Email me at






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