Becoming Child Wise

A friend recently recommended Child Wise to me, and we started out both of our boys on Baby Wise and although it has been a complete success with Carter (not as much with Grayson) but I completely stand behind the book and loved the routine we’ve always had with it. So I started Child Wise yesterday and got through two chapters and have already been so happy with the way it is started. I have to believe that the authors are faith-based but I do not know that is a fact. Anyway, just because.. I thought I would share a couple of things from these chapters that have stuck out to me..

“What do parents really want? First, we want to enjoy our children. Secondly, do other people enjoy our children. Are we raising children that are a joy and blessing to others? Third, to raise children that are well-prepared for life.” Yes, yes and yes. That small paragraph alone would have me craving to read this book because I want all of those things.

The second chapter was just as good. “Childwise Principle #1” “Great marriages make great parents.” And our homework is to take 15 minutes at the end of the work day, (while our children are awake) and have uninterrupted conversation. Scott is gone so much now, so much more than in the first 2-3 years of Grayson’s life. It has been an adjustment on him, and when Scott gets home he is glued to his side. I am okay with it, but ultimately I think we need to always remember it was us first. When Grayson was first born we had a conversation about even just when he comes home, I am the first person he greets. Of course Grayson always runs over to Scott, and he doesn’t ignore him but he makes it a point to always give me a kiss before he fully engages with him. I’ve also recently made a point to get up from whatever I am doing to greet him. (That is because I want Scott to know how happy I am that he is home as well) But just the simple fact that our children know we come first. Does not mean we love them less, but that our marriage is important. In that, our children will find security.

There you have it, a couple little nuggets that have stuck out to me already. Agree? Disagree? I don’t mind and love that we all have opinions, let me know your thoughts if you want._MG_3476


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