Orange County fair


Yay we made to the fair this year! Last year we had wanted to go but it just didn’t work out, this year we were determined and I am so glad we did. We have never wanted to go on a Saturday before but we decided to try and it is wasn’t bad. Well, you know for the fair. Sometimes you feel like the pigs are looking at you like livestock instead of the other way around, with the way you get herded in big groups there. Ha! I grabbed a couple pictures right away before anyone got tired (Scott included) and I think this is the first picture of Scott and Carter together! (these are all iPhone so excuse the bad quality)ocfair_1960

Grayson is entering the age of the “cheesy smile”. ocfair_1975

Despite the cheeseball smile, he really was so excited, as you can tell.ocfair_1993

I don’t know if I would exactly call it a splash pad but there were holes in the ground and water was shooting up so all the kids were in it. Mine included. It wasn’t super hot that day but hot enough to want to get wet. And he got soaked, obvs.ocfair_2008

They’re the best.ocfair_2025

Obligatory fair picture. Carter is enthused. ocfair_2034

Now for our first attempt at a family picture, at the end of the day.. Almost never works out.. ocfair_2044

When we got to the exit we decided we wanted to grab a funnel cake so our friends headed out and we stayed to eat. I wanted to try for another family picture and Scott agreed only if it was in front of this fake cow. Hey, I will take what I can get. As an added bonus a stranger kindly offered to take it for us.IMG_2048

A funny little story. In this short little video I made you’ll see Grayson playing a baseball game. The lady running the game was so nice she gave him like five or six different tries (and kept scooting him closer each time) until he made it (of course I missed recording that part!) but after he made it I asked him if he wanted to give the prize to the little girl we were with and so he did. Sweet boy. Plus I did not want more junk to have to put somewhere and eventually throw it in the trash.. Then Scott took his three turns but made me take the last one, I stepped over there and made it on my first try! Such luck! And wouldn’t you know, we came home with that same dang ducky that we just gave away. I tried. Anyway, this is a super short video capturing a few fair memories.






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