Carter :: Monthly Achievements

Say it isn’t so, just say it isn’t so. SEVEN months today. To be on the other side of six months is just insane to me. I swear I was just evicting him from his cozy spot in my womb. I was just telling my girlfriend the other day that I haven’t even started planning his birthday party yet! Soon though, very soon party planning will be in full effect. Okay back to this month, geez. That scrunchy nose, all day every day. Along with the kicking feet, they’re kind of his thing.

7 months

This is such a fun time, and their personalities really start to show. I will tell you he is an easy going little guy, although somewhat impatient I am learning. Especially when it comes to his food! He loves food, and I love to feed him. I still make all of his food which I really like. I need to come up with some new concoctions though because I feel bad it’s the same thing over and over. He is also a baby that has the “witching hour” it’s not always exactly the same but between about 4:30 and 6:00 sometimes he is crabby. I should rephrase, if I held him and played with him he would be fine. But that can’t happen constantly so he will get fussy about it. He started sitting up about two weeks ago but would fall over a lot, in the last five days or so he is pretty consistent about staying up. Which is what I’ve been waiting for, they just seem so much more aware of the world around them when they can sit up and can interact so much more. I love it. He loves baths, and with him sitting up now I love them too. Makes life so much easier. He started sleeping through the night right after the six month mark and I stopped nursing him. I started him on formula and just let him figure out at night that I was going to feed him and voila, all night. It’s glorious. He is sooooo ticklish, but sometimes he gets mad when he’s tickled. So funny. I am so thankful for him and his big brother is still just as obsessed with him as the first day we brought him home.691A97412 691A97392

There is that little signature scrunchy nose he has. That is his daddy’s favorite thing.


He is also finding his scream, as you can tell in the picture above with Grayson and this one below. Thankfully it is a happy scream (although I have heard the mad one a couple of times, and I am not a fan) It is just a joy to be his momma.










One thought on “Carter :: Monthly Achievements

  1. Oh baby Carter, you are just as cute as ever! These pictures make you look so different to me, must be since you’re on the other side of 6 months. My little Isaiah loves to kick too, I can’t wait to see you two play together one day! Well I can wait… but I am sure excited about it!! Your brother sure loves you, the photos of you two are Adorable! And that very last photo of you actually reminds me of your big brother too! Love you —and your mama— so much!!


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