Scott’s Amazing Race

691A9792Where do I even start??!! This party has been a long time coming.. We did it years ago, and it is still something we talk about to this day. Most of the racers have a love/hate relationship with it. But since Scott was turning 35 years old I figured it was a big enough birthday to do it again. But for reals, it was so so stressful to plan this time! Maybe I have become more of a perfectionist in my old age, but I wanted everything to be exact (and it was not). I worried a lot about silly things. I also think that it is hard to do something like this for the person who I “talk to” about everything, I always bounce every crazy idea I have off of that guy.. But couldn’t this time. I did have my parents though, which I couldn’t have done this without them for sure. But all in all, watching my friends that day made all of the stress worth it. They seemed to have a good time, and they (maybe they lied who knows) told me they had fun!

We had ten tasks they had to complete, starting and ending at the same destination. I had to also think about those of us who had kids, I definitely did not want anyone to have to pay a babysitter for this. So we had my mom, Lisa and Nelson all manning the babysitting at the house. (Which also added to the “hectic” factor of the day) So they did the first event at the house, and then headed off to the park for two others.691A9795 691A9800

Three legged race (birthday boy on the right). Also, I did horrible at picture-taking! But it was just too hard to be the main instructor and photographer. I’m bummed about that. But Scott and Tommy’s wrap thing broke when they were doing the race.691A9807 691A9808

The next task was a baseball throwing (not pictured of course) but they had to throw the ball into a (homemade) target to score a certain amount of points before they got their next clue.691A9814

Next they went to a 7-11 and had to buy a big Icee and drink it all. Brain Freeze. Then head to the arcade and had to win 15 tickets before they could get their next clue. My dad was at this location to help hand out the clues. For the next task they had to make a choice, either create a balloon flower or find 12 license plates from different states. (This is where I messed up, I did not know that you couldn’t blow up those type of balloons by mouth and did not think to have a pump there) Although, the winning team actually thought to ask for a pump at the bowling alley/arcade and they had one!! Gave them a little time advantage for sure.


For the final task, one player had to jump in the pool and grab their flag from the bottom (or floating at the top) of the pool.


That was the extent of my picture taking.. so lame. But I did do a lot more video so you’ll have to watch that!

Grayson playing with his friends.



Then Molly and him attempting at a photo. I can just hear them both saying “chheeeese” And Grayson looking at her to be sure she isn’t trying to go in for a smooch (probably the one and only girl I will ever want him to smooch, he doesn’t want to)691A9853691A9854

More fun.691A9861

And here, the look and grip of fear. And all of us momma’s watching cautiously as he jumps in and proceeds to look for buried treasure or something because they were under for so long. But they came up and Gray was fine, thankful for the practice we’ve done of holding our breath under water.691A9866

Here are a few clips from what I could record, I so wish I would have had more time to take pictures and record more but what can you do.. That is my only recommendation if you ever attempt to do this yourself (which I highly encourage because it is so fun!) But have as much help as you possibly can, more help would have made it a lot less stressful.




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