Apple picking at Oak Glen



Apple picking up in Oak Glen has become one of our traditions, I love getting outside and doing something that we aren’t able to do all the time. Add in friends, and it’s a great day in my book. Grayson had so much fun just running around with his buddies, getting dirty and collecting the apples all on his own. 691a0463691a0475 691a0459 691a0452 691a0495 691a0501 691a0507 691a0494 691a0487


Kyrene wanted a very specific apple, I think it was basically at the very top in the very middle of the tree.. And right when they finally got to the exact one she wanted.. They decided it just couldn’t be done, or in their words.. “that one isn’t good, the worms got to it.” I bet Kyrene is still thinking about that perfect apple and how wonderful it would have tasted.691a0515

I am so bias. But they are adorable.


Showing off their full bags. Well, they look pretty uninterested in their bags actually, or at least getting a picture of them. 691a0510

The babies. (But no picture of Nora! Fail.)691a0478691a0455

Of course we all needed to grab a family photo, but darn I didn’t think to try and get an entire group shot. (besides the boys and/or children probably would have protested) I think my photographer liked the scenery to the right more than she did our family. Haha just kidding!! I wanted a picture of all of those lovely pine trees ;) I look like I am pinching Grayson, I really was tickling him but his smile almost looks like a painful one. And Carter. No comment. I’ve let go of the perfect shot, although it is hard. All that matters is the memories we make, and this is just a reminder of the day we spent together. (That is what I tell myself anyway so that I don’t make them take eight hundred)691a0517

Hudson definitely wins the best smile award out of all the kids, look at that!691a0529 691a0524 691a0468

You can be certain these two will always be next to each other, but you can also be certain that neither of them want to smile for me anymore.


And then there are these.. So in love with them all. It would have been an injustice to you, my devoted blog readers (all three of you) not to share them. None of these kids have any personality, obviously.


And finally, the momma’s.









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