Carter :: Monthly Achievements and nine month photos

Say it ain’t so, just say it ain’t so. NINE months now, I’m in denial. Mainly because his birthday is in three months and I haven’t even started planning his party! I have a general idea of what I am doing but that’s it. Very unlike me.

Nine months is a big one I think. Their personalities shine, and they learn to do something new almost everyday it seems like. He is now mobile, that is probably our biggest milestone. I totally get why they call it the army crawl, he really looks like a wounded soldier making his way around the house. He gets up on all fours all of the time but does not actually crawl that way. He has a famous yoga pose, and goes from tummy to sitting in three seconds flat. He has the cutest little wave and loves to clap his hands. He is still just the happiest guy around, and sometimes I squeeze him so hard I am scared I am going to hurt him. He had his first flight, first flight as in flying off the top of a bed. Traumatic for me because I saw the entire thing in slow motion. Thankfully all he got from it was a bump on the head because when I play it over in my mind, so much worse happens. He seems to love to be outside just like Grayson does. He’s pulled himself up to standing a couple of times, and still loves everything I feed him. 9-months

I had to take his pictures a couple different times. He was being difficult. Plus I normally have another mom their helping wrangle their kids and this time it was mine. Scott tried helped. But he gets frustrated that I take too long so it makes me more flustered than anything. Buut, I am a determined cookie so I kept going. I always keep going until I get what I want. I seriously think I ended up narrowing down to like 50 which is OUT OF CONTROL. So I tried to do some collages to spare you some scrolling but there is still just way to many. Feel free to stop whenever you’d like. carter-1171

I put on this outfit because it’s what Grayson wore in his nine month pictures (you can see the difference in the boys if you want, here) What do you think? They seem like two way different babies to me but you tell me.carter-1221 carter-1234

The picture on the right is his excited squeal. The one and only I got during that mini session.


Then it only got better after his nap and milk. Second one down on the right, his little lips and nose (heart eyes). The first horizontal on the left, I can’t figure out if that is him getting mad or trying to be Hulk. He squeezes whatever he’s holding and makes that face, I am just so glad I was able to get it. I love every single one of these.


This is him waving “hi” and he has another specific wave for “bye-bye”. The cutest.carter-1378

All of these next ones are day two, he was definitely a happier camper this day. These first two are probably my favorites of all of his pictures this time, truly shows his personality. So so happy, and funny with the little scrunchy nose. I forget if this was Scott or Grayson, but someone was making him smile so big.carter-1474-2carter-1432-2

Ahhh nine months. My heart could burst. I put this quote on my Instagram for him and it is so true. “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” – Lee Christopher

He makes life so much better.




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