Palm Springs vacation

It seemed like a lot went into our vacation this year, a lot of back and forth. Some wanted Mexico (not I) and some wanted Hawaii (me always) and some wanted to stay more local without flying anywhere (completely fine with me). We were going to do a beach house but it can be pricey and let’s face it, the ocean is cold. (Especially when you’re used to Mexico and Hawaii water) So we decided on Palm Springs and I thought that was perfect. They found a giant house and we booked it. I do have to admit, up until we got there I thought despite how big the house was.. I would still be chomping at the bit wanting to get out mid-week. We had planned a water park trip for that very reason. But once we were there (minus day two of being a little homesick) I was completely fine and had no desire to even leave our poolside oasis. I don’t think anyone did. The house was massive, something like 9,000 square feet. So you could go to your own little part of the house and feel like you were in your very own hotel room. Each of us had our own bathroom for the most part, and there was two kitchens. It was so nice.

We all picked a night to cook dinner for everyone, which was such a good idea and saved us money and having to lug eight kids to a restaurant. We didn’t realize the water park is closed during the week (really?!) and debated whether or not to go. But a few of us finished off our week with a day there and I am really glad we did. So get ready for an overload of pictures, I tried really hard to have my camera always around. So I got tons.

On our way!


Oh it’s my favorite to look back and see baby toes!

palm-springs-40 palm-springs-41 palm-springs-42 palm-springs-43 palm-springs-44

Some of you might recognize this look, it’s definitely a mischievous one. I wish I knew what he did here, and to who.


A few action shots.palm-springs-46 palm-springs-47 palm-springs-48

And then this.palm-springs-49palm-springs-52palm-springs-53palm-springs-54

Nice puppy.


Nice puppy.


Then there is these three. Goofs.palm-springs-65 palm-springs-64

Sometimes I think they hate me. I mean look at Grayson, I make him miserable because I ask for one picture.palm-springs-70

And this is what you call, swimming with your eyes open too much. This guys’ eyes were so bad by the end of each day, I brought his goggles but apparently he didn’t want to use them on this trip.palm-springs-72

This day was by far everyone’s favorite, not sure why it was any different but it was the best. The night was even better, it was our night for dinner. (I had stuck a couple of roasts in the crockpot for the day and we did shredded beef tacos, so yummy!) Rick & Mal’s family had to leave the following day so we wanted a group picture and I love how this turned out. We had been having a cornhole tournament (if you’ve never heard of it, you have to try it. It is so fun.) We were all questioning why in the world we waited so long to start playing! This was on Thursday night, and for the most part everyone was back home by Saturday. We have already planned a vacation reunion where we will pick up our tournament again, and this time Mal and I might just be grand champion. palm-springs-73

And the morning they left we had to get a group picture of the crazy kiddos, and it might be my favorite.. All of their different expressions crack me up.palm-springs-83b

Daddy decided to do Carter’s hair.


The last night we were there we decided to go out for dinner, I don’t know exactly where in Palm Springs this is but it was a cute little spot. This might have been the first time Grayson wore underwear all week, so we had to document it. Goodness gracious I have some handsome fellas.


Then finished up the week with a quick trip to the water park. We are thankful for a daddy that works so hard for us, but we miss him so much when he’s gone. Such a great week, and so needed for our family. (Carter, what is that look?! Not used to seeing such a straight face from that one)


I also did a quick video. I probably should have spent more time on it, buuuut I just don’t have it and I wanted to post these pictures already so enjoy a quick snippet of our fun week.










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