Cadence :: two years old


Oh this little birthday session was so much fun. We discovered a little spot that is so close to home and so fun for the kids to run around and play, so it was wonderful. And this little girl was on her A-game. She was a little shy at first, but so good at listening and then towards the end she was running the show. But just as cute as she was from the start. Here is Miss Cadence and she is TWO.cadence-0553 cadence-0562 cadence-0570

I mean, those little legs. I could die.

cadence-0575 cadence-0583 cadence-0610

Such a fun session I had with her, and it is always one of my favorite times to be around her mommy. (Especially when I don’t stop talking at eight o’clock at night, ugh sorry again Stef!) See you soon!!



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