Amy Baker :: maternity


Each of my sessions lately are topping the charts, they just get better and better. Tommy and Amy are a couple who we’ve known for years and years, and years. Amy’s family and ours has gone to church together since we were all kids, and Tommy became our roommate when we were first married. At first I was super reluctant to have him move in, but once he was there I was so thankful. Scott worked a lot during that time so it was nice to have someone there so it wasn’t so lonely and I felt safer at night. He became a brother to me. I always have a great time when I am with either of them, because they are both hilarious. And now they are bringing a little Baker into the world (well technically they already did since Amy delivered 3 1/2 weeks early!) but I know that baby is going to be so blessed to have such amazing parents. And I am so happy that they now get to experience a love like they’ve never known. It’s the best there is.

Everything about our shoot was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As you will see, I had a hard time narrowing these down and probably could have added even more.baker_5857 baker_5874 baker_5885 baker_5950 baker_6044

I know that I have a lot of similar pictures here, but I love every single one of them for different reasons.baker_6089 baker_6130

Thank you for letting me a part of this special time Tommy and Amy. Now, very soon I get to photograph this special little newborn!


Christmas List 2016

I am going to make this short and sweet, mostly because I am short on time. Bottom line for Grayson, he is obsessed with any and all legos. The very first thing we’ll add is the Super Hero Airport Battle , and I know he probably wants this City Fire Station but will probably end up with something like this haha! We were at the store the other day and he said, “can you add this to my Christmas list?” So here we go, Ninja Turtle party van (which would be now a third Ninja Turtle party van in his possession, but that’s okay) This Paw Patroller is still on his list. Forever now I have wanted to get a little kitchen, Scott thinks it would be a waste but I don’t at all, especially as they both get older. I think the Step2 one would be perfect. Then because they have a kitchen, they definitely need a shopping cart and vegetables. Then because they need somewhere to eat their pretend food, the just need a little table. I have this strange love for Little People, they are my absolute favorite baby toys. So for Carter, I definitely wanted to add this little Fire Truck and look how cute this little Mickey and Minnie house is. While I was making this list, Target convieniently sent me an email with gift ideas. #targetdoesitagain. We are big fans of push toys around here, Grayson has always liked to race them around. This Stride & Ride Lion is adorable, and who doesn’t love a colorful, loud BeatBowWow. I think that about does it. christmas-list-2016

Carter :: monthly achievements


We are sooo close to a year old that I can hardly stand it! His personality is such a funny one and he scares me a little for the toddler years. He is a troublemaker much more than his big brother was at this age, I promise you I don’t think I have ever dug anything from Grayson’s choppers and I do it with Carter He does know what “no” means already and is good at listening to me so far. My little mischievous boy. He has not lost that happy spirit of his (unless we are shopping) the boy does not like it. We just walk into a store and he starts up with the whining. It drives me nutso. He better get used to it though because it feels like I am always in one store or another. For a long time now he has slept holding his feet, it’s the cutest thing. I should see if I can find a picture of it. I love watching my babies sleep. He is pulling himself up all the time, but doesn’t seem close to actually walking. He has starting taking steps if I am holding his hands or he uses the little walker, but nothing on his own at all. He is obsessed with the fridge! Even if he is on the other side of the room and I open it, he races over to try to get to it in time before it’s closes again. Makes me laugh. He loves bath time, but despises getting dressed afterwards. He is such a joy and I cannot imagine life without him.


On a more serious note, I know that mom guilt is a real thing and that more than likely we’ve all felt it. Right now it is going strong with this one. When I think about Grayson at this age, I did not work. I of course had photography but it was super slow at that time. Now with Carter, I work three days a week plus photography has been overwhelmingly busy for the last six months or so annd another sibling. I feel guilty that he doesn’t get enough hugs from his momma, or enough snuggles and almost no one-on-one time with me. Grayson and I have always, always gone on dates together. Carter and I have probably been on two. He is such a good baby that when he is awake he just plays and follows Grayson around, so I race to get as much work or house chores done that I can. This is a viscous cycle that is my everyday life. I know that I am not the only one who feels like this, and am not trying to throw a pity party. It’s just how I am feeling and writing about it somehow helps, and if anyone else is going through this season just know you are not alone. I love my boys so so much it hurts, I just don’t want to look back and worry that I didn’t spend enough quality time with them. I’m praying I am can be more intentional in my time with each of the boys in my family.

This must be when he first started sleeping like this because I have three pictures all within a week! img_2837img_2838img_2881



The Osborn family


The Osborn family. Where do I start? What a pleasure it was to take their pictures, I’ve known Lynette for a while now but it was my first time meeting the entire family. Because of Lynette, I already knew I would love them and they did not disappoint. Lynette has quickly become of my favorite friends, we actually met last summer briefly and I’m only sad we didn’t connect back then. She doesn’t call California home and thought of her leaving hurts deep down in my heart. So however long she is here, you can be sure I will be soaking in all of her Godly, motherly wisdom. We have a little joke, “Lynette tell her so she will believe me.” Because if Lynette says it, it must be true.

But back to her family, look at them! Beauty if I’ve ever seen it, and wouldn’t you know they are expecting another and I am sending all of the little boy prayers her way hoping she’s going to take back a little surfer dude to Indiana whenever they go.


Ahh these girls, all so beautiful.


Oh Neva, you are so precious I can hardly stand it. Thank you Andy and Lynette for spending the afternoon with me, I enjoyed it more than you know.









Amaryl :: One year

ryan-2369From the minute Kyrene told me about this session I had the best feeling about it. Then when I arrived and although it wasn’t finished but just seeing everything there, I knew it was going to be so good. As it all came together, I almost got giddy. And finally, enter stage left sweet little Amaryl and I couldn’t see anything because of the hearts in my eyes. Quickly this session has become my all time favorite, take a look and you will see why.ryan-2370 ryan-2537 ryan-2503 ryan-2594 ryan-2626 ryan-2616 ryan-2582 ryan-2634

As usual Shane and Kyrene, my time with you was so good. Shane you and your robot-strength hugs, and Kyrene your encouraging, genuine heart. I am truly thankful I was able to be a part of this, I had so much fun!


Seneff girls


Get ready for a cuteness overload. The Seneff girls are some of the cutest, and spunkiest. When you first see Molly, you can be assured that she will scream your name at the top of her lungs and run over to you with joy. It’s quite the greeting, but one that I always look forward to. Exploring around park for our session made for a fun afternoon, and oh those big brown eyes get me every time.