Amaryl :: One year

ryan-2369From the minute Kyrene told me about this session I had the best feeling about it. Then when I arrived and although it wasn’t finished but just seeing everything there, I knew it was going to be so good. As it all came together, I almost got giddy. And finally, enter stage left sweet little Amaryl and I couldn’t see anything because of the hearts in my eyes. Quickly this session has become my all time favorite, take a look and you will see why.ryan-2370 ryan-2537 ryan-2503 ryan-2594 ryan-2626 ryan-2616 ryan-2582 ryan-2634

As usual Shane and Kyrene, my time with you was so good. Shane you and your robot-strength hugs, and Kyrene your encouraging, genuine heart. I am truly thankful I was able to be a part of this, I had so much fun!



One thought on “Amaryl :: One year

  1. Beautiful! The model, the props and every single shot. I can definitely see why they are your all time favorite. Those sweet smiles 😍. Shane and Kyrene you make super duper good looking kids.


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