The Osborn family


The Osborn family. Where do I start? What a pleasure it was to take their pictures, I’ve known Lynette for a while now but it was my first time meeting the entire family. Because of Lynette, I already knew I would love them and they did not disappoint. Lynette has quickly become of my favorite friends, we actually met last summer briefly and I’m only sad we didn’t connect back then. She doesn’t call California home and thought of her leaving hurts deep down in my heart. So however long she is here, you can be sure I will be soaking in all of her Godly, motherly wisdom. We have a little joke, “Lynette tell her so she will believe me.” Because if Lynette says it, it must be true.

But back to her family, look at them! Beauty if I’ve ever seen it, and wouldn’t you know they are expecting another and I am sending all of the little boy prayers her way hoping she’s going to take back a little surfer dude to Indiana whenever they go.


Ahh these girls, all so beautiful.


Oh Neva, you are so precious I can hardly stand it. Thank you Andy and Lynette for spending the afternoon with me, I enjoyed it more than you know.










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