Christmas List 2016

I am going to make this short and sweet, mostly because I am short on time. Bottom line for Grayson, he is obsessed with any and all legos. The very first thing we’ll add is the Super Hero Airport Battle , and I know he probably wants this City Fire Station but will probably end up with something like this haha! We were at the store the other day and he said, “can you add this to my Christmas list?” So here we go, Ninja Turtle party van (which would be now a third Ninja Turtle party van in his possession, but that’s okay) This Paw Patroller is still on his list. Forever now I have wanted to get a little kitchen, Scott thinks it would be a waste but I don’t at all, especially as they both get older. I think the Step2 one would be perfect. Then because they have a kitchen, they definitely need a shopping cart and vegetables. Then because they need somewhere to eat their pretend food, the just need a little table. I have this strange love for Little People, they are my absolute favorite baby toys. So for Carter, I definitely wanted to add this little Fire Truck and look how cute this little Mickey and Minnie house is. While I was making this list, Target convieniently sent me an email with gift ideas. #targetdoesitagain. We are big fans of push toys around here, Grayson has always liked to race them around. This Stride & Ride Lion is adorable, and who doesn’t love a colorful, loud BeatBowWow. I think that about does it. christmas-list-2016


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