Jereme + Kat :: Angels Stadium Proposal

When I heard my voicemail from Jereme about this proposal, I got so excited! (Then nervous, but then excited again) Both of them are huge sports fans and Kat’s favorite baseball team is the Angels so this was such a perfect spot for him to propose. They were set up to do a “tour” of the stadium, and so that is why they were there. I was hiding in the dug out (nervously of course!) Waiting for the perfect time to run out. lazar-8925

After (all of us) stopped shaking from excitement the first thing Kat said was, “wait, we still get to do the tour right?” Or something to that effect and I laughed! There is a DIAMOND on your hand, and you still want a tour?! Haha! That might have been my favorite part. Okay not really, but a highlight for sure. After the proposal we had about half an hour to roam the stadium and snap some photos. It was great weather, great lighting and a great couple! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. lazar-8961

This one on the left is one of my favorites.lazar-8969

Oh but I do love all of these too.lazar-8993Oh and then more favorites. Okay I just love all of them. lazar-9012 lazar-9043 lazar-9093bw lazar-9096Thank you Jereme for allowing me in on such a big part in such a special day. Happy Engagement you guys!lazar-9099


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