Carter :: Monthly Achievements


** Breaking News – I had to come edit my post because since I published it, he took his FIRST step!! He did it twice! I was so excited! It was like all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to, and did. So fun! Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Boy am I glad that these monthly pictures are done, I can’t believe how hard they were to get these past few months. With Grayson I held him (much smarter!) because then he couldn’t get away. But we made it! I feel like I only blinked for a second and he is already a year old. It blows my mind how much faster time goes when you have kids.

Such a fun month! We of course had our first Christmas with him! He wasn’t interested in much more than his breakfast that day but just having him and knowing it was his “first” made it so special. He is not walking but stands all on his own, walks the couch and anything else he can. He is a master climber, he climbs everything. And I mean everything, the other day he was up on the window sill. One night we were watching him, and he was attempting to climb from a small chair to the couch. It took him about 15 tries and 20 minutes but he finally did it, something about it made me so proud. He didn’t give up, he also didn’t get frustrated. He fell and cried a couple of times but shook it off and got right back up. I hope that determination is something he carries with him long into life.

We are done with bottles (can I get a hallelujah?!) and his true attachment comes with his blanket. The first thing he does when he picks it up, he smells it. He’ll pick up Grayson’s, smell it and throw it down. I think it’s so funny. When I change his diaper, he does stomach crunches. Makes it almost impossible to change him, and he’s so strong I literally have to force him back down. He can give high fives and is starting to shake his head no. You know that determination we talked about? I think he hears “no” a lot so he’s already getting that head shake down. The last thing that I never want to forget is his what I like to call his show smile. If he is getting in a bit of trouble and hears the no, he pulls out this pouty lip and he’ll even bring a tear or two. But then, immediately following that little act he’ll smile at me. This squinty eye, scrunchy nose, one and a half tooth smile. We all laugh, every.single.time. Therefore he keeps doing it. Not teaching him good habits on that one!


I decided to throw together all 12 months below just for fun, I wanted to see the change in him. (It kind of pains me to have the first two months not “match” the rest, ugh. I don’t know why I even thought it was okay to use my phone for these, so dumb) Okay, moving on.

12 months with you my boy, has brought me nothing but pure joy.


The 11 month pictures reminds me so much of Alfalfa! Between the ridiculously parted hair and the big front “tooth”, they’re twins. I honestly can’t even pick a favorite, because I love all of them, and I love my happy boy.


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