The Siepker family

siepker-4574I can always count on Andrea’s sessions to both amaze and stress me out. Amazing because she has a beautiful family and a great sense of style, and stress me because the girl can’t get there on time if it killed her.  She’s just lucky I love her (and shoot fast). This year we went to Humphrey Estate, which is a location you have to pay to shoot at but in my opinion, totally worth it. Because of our late start we didn’t even get through half of the estate, and have already talked about going back next year because it’s so beautiful and want to be able to explore the other half.

It truly is a gift that I have photographed this family all of these years. Andrea was literally my second client ever and has stuck with me all of these years. (I think I say the same thing every year I blog their family session) There is something so amazing about seeing a family change over time, being able to document it and at the same time gain such a great friend through it all. I can remember holding Grace as a baby in the hospital, and just waiting for my turn to hold such a precious gift. I can remember during my heartbreak, that I could always count on Andrea to not judge me but just listen, and understand that I was anger or jealous. I remember her bringing me her delicous enchiladas the week Grayson was born and always being someone who is there. She is always there. If all I ever got from photography was this one friendship, that would be enough.

Okay enough of this sappy stuff, who wants to see another gorgeous session?! This spot, their outfits and beautiful faces. I swear Andrea gets prettier with age. Another Siepker session, another favorite.

siepker-4578 siepker-4631 siepker-4666 siepker-4744

xoxo, jess.


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