Carter’s Birthday List

It feels so weird to think that we have a FIRST birthday in our house already but it is true, the baby bear is turning one in less than two weeks! He got so many good gifts for Christmas that I do not know how I am going to come up with another list.

I can start off with the few things that he didn’t get that were on the Christmas list, like this shopping cart and cute little vegetables, (probably my #1 on the “toy” list) and this table because I have high hopes for a nice backyard in the near future where we will hang out all of the time.

He got two adorable Little People sets, but didn’t get this one. (Limited Quantities so you might want hurry!) I kind of just want to buy it right now so that I know he gets it! Okay, now let’s talk about bath toys for a minute, I love them. I was just telling Scott that if we could let the water consistently run then they would probably stay in their forever, and then I stumbled on this! I have always thought all of the Disney character bath toys were adorable and I was going to put them on this list but I went into the store the other day and just couldn’t resist. I bought him a Mickey set, so cute! But I do want to get rid of all the old, yucky ones we have so even something some like this little guy would be perfectly fine. Also, while we’re talking about bath time.. I think Carter also needs a new bath towel, he is kind of outgrowing his first one, and I do think this little giraffe one is pretty cute.

Also because he is the second boy of our family, he really doesn’t need any of that. But we do need to get him a new car seat very soon, I have one friend recommended this one, and another who has used this one and loves it. Sooo, Amazon gift cards are probably on the top of the list (for momma at least) (*Ahem, any grandparents that are reading this)

Lastly, anyone who follows me on social media or has been reading here probably knows that he is super attached to a blanket. I’ve always used the Aden & Anaias blankets for him and just kind of rotated, that way it isn’t just one he is attached to. (see I’m learning something with the second kid) I’ve followed Modern Burlap for a long time now and I have even ordered one of Carter’s blankets from them, but I kind of, sort of have been eyeing their cute little camera swaddle.carters-birthday-list

I know this isn’t the best list, but like I said he already has so much! Toys that I haven’t even opened from Christmas.


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