Isaiah Allen :: 3 years

I’m going to start right away with my favorites from the day we took Isaiah’s three year pictures! I feel like Isaiah is a quiet version of wild. Which makes sense considering who his parents are, Andy the quiet one and Sam.. well she’s a little wild I would say. Which makes Isaiah a mix of the two and I love it! He was curious, and playful and just loved running around. My favorite types for toddler sessions like this.

If you’ve followed along for any amount of time I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about my friend Sam and all the magic she pulls out of her hat on the daily. She turns photographs into watercolor portraits (you can check out her etsy shop if you want) But she took this photo of Isaiah and Pooh and turned it into a beautiful painting.

Adding momma to the pictures is always a good idea.

Happy year three Isaiah! Looking forward to more swimming and snack dates with you this summer!

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