Williams :: family photos

Another session that I couldn’t not share was one of OURS! By far this is the most stressful session for me, out of any others. We usually just ask my dad to snap the big group shot, but that in turn means that I am literally running back and forth between setting the camera and being in the picture. Add heels + snake holes and it’s the worst! But I am typically not disappointed in our end results.

These kids.. the best thing to happen to our family. Can’t wait to add baby Owen to this crazy bunch next year.

I know that I don’t need to say it, but I love with words of affirmation so here it is. I don’t know another person who is blessed by their husbands family the way I am. I’ve known them now more years than I haven’t, and while not every day has been perfect (because let’s be honest, no family ever is) they have been perfect for me. They love and support me as much as my own family does. Kristy and Kathy are my sisters, their husbands are like brothers to me, their family is mine. What we have is so rare, and I do not dare forget that. I love you with my whole heart Williams/Zagone/Lazars and I’m blessed to be a part of your families.


The Allen family

This was another session from the end of last year that I wanted to share. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time then you know all about Sam, she is my friend that designs all of our Christmas cards and birthday invitations (plus of course anything else I ask her pretty please with a cherry on top). Those first two are my very favorites, but I of course love the rest and loved seeing Isaiah’s personality through them.

I don’t know about you but I can most definitely tell this girl was a dancer, I mean look at that toe point. Also, my fingers are crossed that our next family shoot might include a newborn (just sayin), or at least a baby belly!) 

Carter :: 2 years

If you’ve been to my house recently then you’ve probably already seen all of these (sorry) I displayed them for his birthday party in January, and have yet to take them down. This boy has had an obsession for balloons since the beginning. So when my friend Sam suggested we do that for his second birthday party, even though I told her I would think about it. After I did, I realized there didn’t need to be much thought because duh he loves them so much.

I am sure you’ve heard parents relating their kids to a sour patch candy. That is him to a t. He can be the biggest stinker (little tantrums or sassy faces) but then he smiles at me and I’m like, what tantrum? To think of life before him seems impossible. He talks so much and repeats any and every single word you ask him to, he knows all of the colors and can occasionally count to ten (only when he feels like it of course.) He is always trying to keep up with Grayson, but is still independent which I love. He tells me he loves me and when he answers me he says, “yes mommy” or “no mommy”. I always want to ask him questions just to hear that.

We just went up the street to a little grass park and I brought along my assistant (big brother.) It only took a dollar and a lollipop but this is what we got and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for lighting up our lives Carter Joseph, don’t ever change. (Well except getting mad when we say no, I don’t mind if that changes) But stay sweet, and shine bright son.

Owen newborn

Last week I shared Kathy’s maternity session with you and today I’m excited to show you her baby boy’s newborn session.  What a lucky boy he is to join such a wonderful family, and such a good looking bunch if you ask me. Owen was as quiet as newborns come, which made for such a peaceful session. Take a look at all of my favorites (especially big sis kissing his little head.)

This is a shot I do every time and it just doesn’t get old to me. So little in their daddy’s hands.

One last little collage of baby Owen all by himself. So glad you’re here sweet boy, we’ve been praying and anxious to meet you.

Kathy Lazar :: maternity photos

So something feels off sharing Kathy’s maternity photos considering she had the baby like THREE weeks ago! But when I thought back about the sessions that I didn’t want to miss out on sharing, this was for sure one of those. What I enjoyed about this session was spending a little time with my niece, and what I mean by that is getting her to myself. When we get together the cousins stick together (which I adore) and so I don’t get to see much of her because she’s running around with them! So it was nice to walk and chat with her, a little girl talk is something I don’t get in my house.

We couldn’t have picked a better afternoon for these, I am so happy with them and how they turned out. I can’t even tell you my favorite, because there are just too many to choose.

Oh big sis you are so cute.

Next week’s agenda, get those newborn pictures up.

The Siepker family

I wasn’t even sure if I would remember how to log in when I thought about sharing these photos! Good thing my username and password are automatically saved because if not it might be another story. I just couldn’t let the year go by without sharing the Siepker family’s photos. I’ve been photographing her family for I don’t even know, nine or ten years now. And STILL she doubts me! Okay, she doesn’t really doubt me but she does wonder if we can top the previous years session. But that’s okay because each year I doubt that she will show up on time. We talked about going back to Humphrey Estate where we went last year but they raised the price and were booked up the week we had planned to do these so we just decided to go back to her resort of a backyard again. 

This session was by far the most fun we’ve had. Graham is the friendliest, funny little guy ever. We just played and took pictures, didn’t even feel like work.

These more candid ones are definitely my favorite from the day.

It also happens to be Andrea’s birthday today too! Happy birthday Mrs. Siepker, I hope you get spoiled by this beautiful family of yours!

Grayson :: 5 years

 Holy five years Batman! I mean seriously. It truly is not fair how fast time goes when you have babies. I swear I just held him on my chest for the first time yesterday. I know that technically he’s been five for three months but that’s okay.

Every mom is bias but he has always been such a good kid (trust me I know especially because number two, a little stinker) And he is a good boy too (not perfect of course) but so caring and sweet and a little people pleaser (gets it from his momma). He is still obsessed with sports, the state of Texas and his daddy. He says “tormato” instead of tornado and “cauizzi” instead of jacuzzi but we refuse to correct him.

He makes me so dang proud to be his mommy (like 95% of the time) and as much as I constantly mourn him no longer being a baby, I truly can’t wait to see the type of man he becomes. He’s already brought up marriage, and I’ve already given him two rules for his wife. Ask him what they are. Grayson Scott, you are one of my very best friends.

Nicole :: maternity session

Some sessions I know from the very beginning are going to be good. This is one of them, their outfits (and gorgeous faces) I was excited from the first minute I saw them. You will probably recognize this spot because it’s one of my favorites! It has a variety of spots plus perfect lighting, it never disappoints. Without further adieu, Nicole and her three babies.

Isaiah : nine months

I bet she didn’t think it would happen to her. When they placed him in her arms the first time, she never imagined it would be possible. That he would ever even come close to turning a year old. Time is a thief of the cruelest kind. She may not feel this way but nine months is harder for me to deal with than a year, nine months is the first time you realize how much they’ve grown. You see their personality come through (that part is my favorite) and they start to explore and grow independent. You start the grieving process now and by the time their first birthday hits you’ve passed the five stages and are just ready to celebrate! The bubble bath session was Sam’s idea, I cannot express enough how much I love when a client gets creative with their sessions. We had lots of help to make this day go off without a hitch and I would say we were pretty successful! Here are a few of our favorites. 

I was even lucky enough to capture Isaiah’s first time standing up by himself! (pictured lower left corner) All in all I would say it was a successful bubble bath, happy nine months Isaiah William.