The Richardson family

richardson-6562The Richardson family are another favorite of mine, and another note of appreciation to Andrea is the Richardson’s. They came to me as a referral of Andrea’s and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. They haven’t been clients as long as the Siepker’s but it sure feels like they’ve always been here. I can still remember when Andrea first told me Stef was pregnant, I had my fingers crossed that she would call me for her maternity or newborn session and then she DID! That is where it all began. I loved Stef from the minute I met her and haven’t stopped talking her ear off since. (Funny side story, I’ve actually known Chris for way longer. We met in high school because of a mutual friend, and he and Scott were also neighbors growing up. Small world!) I appreciate Chris too, because he appreciates me. Not many guys (ahem-Ivan) understand why pictures are so important to us girls, but Chris gets it. I love that.

Our session was on pretty much the one and only day it rained in November. Oh and the wind, so windy. But we just went with it and I am glad we did, I love so many of them.

richardson-6592 richardson-6650 richardson-6670ps. I am kidding Ivan, I know you’re coming around and before you know it – collages everywhere of that baby girl.


Calum :: newborn


The holidays didn’t just bring the families this year, but also an abundance of newborns. This sleepy little guy is Calum, and I’ve known his mommy for a verrrry long time. So when she asked me to take these I was honored she would think of me. Calum was born six weeks early and we took these when he was six weeks old, he was adorable and sleepy and perfect. calum-7690 calum-7703

Oh and the eyelashes, the longest I’ve ever seen on a six week old. And so blonde. Heather booked my Let them be Little sessions, so lucky me I will get to see this boy a ton in his first year. calum-7705

Emerson :: newborn


Look at that little baby smile! Newborn smiles are the sweetest. Meet Emerson, he was only days old in these although now he is two months old!

He surprised his mommy and daddy by joining the world four weeks early! You might remember Amy’s maternity session, it’s one of my all time favorites. Well, this little guy belongs to them and I am just so so happy for them.

baker-7165 baker-7194 baker-7290baker-7390It’s already almost time for his three month photos! Promise I won’t take this long sharing those, love you Baker family of three.

Carter’s Birthday List

It feels so weird to think that we have a FIRST birthday in our house already but it is true, the baby bear is turning one in less than two weeks! He got so many good gifts for Christmas that I do not know how I am going to come up with another list.

I can start off with the few things that he didn’t get that were on the Christmas list, like this shopping cart and cute little vegetables, (probably my #1 on the “toy” list) and this table because I have high hopes for a nice backyard in the near future where we will hang out all of the time.

He got two adorable Little People sets, but didn’t get this one. (Limited Quantities so you might want hurry!) I kind of just want to buy it right now so that I know he gets it! Okay, now let’s talk about bath toys for a minute, I love them. I was just telling Scott that if we could let the water consistently run then they would probably stay in their forever, and then I stumbled on this! I have always thought all of the Disney character bath toys were adorable and I was going to put them on this list but I went into the store the other day and just couldn’t resist. I bought him a Mickey set, so cute! But I do want to get rid of all the old, yucky ones we have so even something some like this little guy would be perfectly fine. Also, while we’re talking about bath time.. I think Carter also needs a new bath towel, he is kind of outgrowing his first one, and I do think this little giraffe one is pretty cute.

Also because he is the second boy of our family, he really doesn’t need any of that. But we do need to get him a new car seat very soon, I have one friend recommended this one, and another who has used this one and loves it. Sooo, Amazon gift cards are probably on the top of the list (for momma at least) (*Ahem, any grandparents that are reading this)

Lastly, anyone who follows me on social media or has been reading here probably knows that he is super attached to a blanket. I’ve always used the Aden & Anaias blankets for him and just kind of rotated, that way it isn’t just one he is attached to. (see I’m learning something with the second kid) I’ve followed Modern Burlap for a long time now and I have even ordered one of Carter’s blankets from them, but I kind of, sort of have been eyeing their cute little camera swaddle.carters-birthday-list

I know this isn’t the best list, but like I said he already has so much! Toys that I haven’t even opened from Christmas.

The Siepker family

siepker-4574I can always count on Andrea’s sessions to both amaze and stress me out. Amazing because she has a beautiful family and a great sense of style, and stress me because the girl can’t get there on time if it killed her.  She’s just lucky I love her (and shoot fast). This year we went to Humphrey Estate, which is a location you have to pay to shoot at but in my opinion, totally worth it. Because of our late start we didn’t even get through half of the estate, and have already talked about going back next year because it’s so beautiful and want to be able to explore the other half.

It truly is a gift that I have photographed this family all of these years. Andrea was literally my second client ever and has stuck with me all of these years. (I think I say the same thing every year I blog their family session) There is something so amazing about seeing a family change over time, being able to document it and at the same time gain such a great friend through it all. I can remember holding Grace as a baby in the hospital, and just waiting for my turn to hold such a precious gift. I can remember during my heartbreak, that I could always count on Andrea to not judge me but just listen, and understand that I was anger or jealous. I remember her bringing me her delicous enchiladas the week Grayson was born and always being someone who is there. She is always there. If all I ever got from photography was this one friendship, that would be enough.

Okay enough of this sappy stuff, who wants to see another gorgeous session?! This spot, their outfits and beautiful faces. I swear Andrea gets prettier with age. Another Siepker session, another favorite.

siepker-4578 siepker-4631 siepker-4666 siepker-4744

xoxo, jess.

Carter :: Monthly Achievements


** Breaking News – I had to come edit my post because since I published it, he took his FIRST step!! He did it twice! I was so excited! It was like all of a sudden he just decided he wanted to, and did. So fun! Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Boy am I glad that these monthly pictures are done, I can’t believe how hard they were to get these past few months. With Grayson I held him (much smarter!) because then he couldn’t get away. But we made it! I feel like I only blinked for a second and he is already a year old. It blows my mind how much faster time goes when you have kids.

Such a fun month! We of course had our first Christmas with him! He wasn’t interested in much more than his breakfast that day but just having him and knowing it was his “first” made it so special. He is not walking but stands all on his own, walks the couch and anything else he can. He is a master climber, he climbs everything. And I mean everything, the other day he was up on the window sill. One night we were watching him, and he was attempting to climb from a small chair to the couch. It took him about 15 tries and 20 minutes but he finally did it, something about it made me so proud. He didn’t give up, he also didn’t get frustrated. He fell and cried a couple of times but shook it off and got right back up. I hope that determination is something he carries with him long into life.

We are done with bottles (can I get a hallelujah?!) and his true attachment comes with his blanket. The first thing he does when he picks it up, he smells it. He’ll pick up Grayson’s, smell it and throw it down. I think it’s so funny. When I change his diaper, he does stomach crunches. Makes it almost impossible to change him, and he’s so strong I literally have to force him back down. He can give high fives and is starting to shake his head no. You know that determination we talked about? I think he hears “no” a lot so he’s already getting that head shake down. The last thing that I never want to forget is his what I like to call his show smile. If he is getting in a bit of trouble and hears the no, he pulls out this pouty lip and he’ll even bring a tear or two. But then, immediately following that little act he’ll smile at me. This squinty eye, scrunchy nose, one and a half tooth smile. We all laugh, every.single.time. Therefore he keeps doing it. Not teaching him good habits on that one!


I decided to throw together all 12 months below just for fun, I wanted to see the change in him. (It kind of pains me to have the first two months not “match” the rest, ugh. I don’t know why I even thought it was okay to use my phone for these, so dumb) Okay, moving on.

12 months with you my boy, has brought me nothing but pure joy.


The 11 month pictures reminds me so much of Alfalfa! Between the ridiculously parted hair and the big front “tooth”, they’re twins. I honestly can’t even pick a favorite, because I love all of them, and I love my happy boy.

Caitlin Hanson :: winter maternity session

hanson-8056When I think about it being a new year, and then scrolling through Caitlin’s maternity pictures it makes me so excited for them. Excited thinking that any day their very next chapter will begin, if you ask me it’s the best chapter. Babies bring an indescribable joy, they make every single day a better one. How wonderful to start off a new year like that. Of course, I actually know exactly what Cait is thinking these days. (“When will he get OUT?!” This was me at exactly the same time last year) buuut once he is here, what a wonderful way to start the new year!

You guys, from the moment I saw the tiny little ultrasound picture and knew you heard that heartbeat I was just so very happy for you. And Everett, you have been showered with prayer from the very beginning. I cannot wait to see your family grow and for you to know love like you never have before. You will be amazing parents, so much love to you.hanson-8067 hanson-8090 hanson-8173

Jereme + Kat :: Angels Stadium Proposal

When I heard my voicemail from Jereme about this proposal, I got so excited! (Then nervous, but then excited again) Both of them are huge sports fans and Kat’s favorite baseball team is the Angels so this was such a perfect spot for him to propose. They were set up to do a “tour” of the stadium, and so that is why they were there. I was hiding in the dug out (nervously of course!) Waiting for the perfect time to run out. lazar-8925

After (all of us) stopped shaking from excitement the first thing Kat said was, “wait, we still get to do the tour right?” Or something to that effect and I laughed! There is a DIAMOND on your hand, and you still want a tour?! Haha! That might have been my favorite part. Okay not really, but a highlight for sure. After the proposal we had about half an hour to roam the stadium and snap some photos. It was great weather, great lighting and a great couple! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. lazar-8961

This one on the left is one of my favorites.lazar-8969

Oh but I do love all of these too.lazar-8993Oh and then more favorites. Okay I just love all of them. lazar-9012 lazar-9043 lazar-9093bw lazar-9096Thank you Jereme for allowing me in on such a big part in such a special day. Happy Engagement you guys!lazar-9099

Carter :: Monthly Achievements

Whoa! ELEVEN months. In some ways it feels like yesterday he was born but in most ways it feels like he’s always been here. He is still the sweetest little boy, he does get a tiny mad when his brother is bugging him but he’s also learned how to work the system. He knows Grayson gets in trouble for hurting him so sometimes Grayson just goes to hug him and he screams out! Haha it’s amazing how smart babies are.

Can we talk about how it is going to be his FIRST Christmas in a couple of weeks?! I really do believe that I am more excited now that I have kids than when I was younger. I am so so excited for this year! And just look at those little Christmas leggings he’s wearing! The picture this month part cracks me up part embarrasses me. He looks like alfalfa or something. This month it was almost impossible to get this picture without anyone’s help, Grayson tries but he actually makes it more work for me! So little puffs was my answer to try to get him to sit for a least four seconds to snap something. But really it just looks like he has hillbilly teeth! And his hair, gosh what happened to it? I swear I did it. But hey, I have to take what I can get these days.


This boy is sooo attached to his blankets, I’ve mixed a few this time so he’s not exactly attached to one in particular but whichever one he is using. (I use the Aiden & Anais brand) He will go into his room and pull it down from his bed and lay on it, or even pull down my diaper bag from the couch because I always have one in there too. It still cracks me up every time he does it. Grayson was/is attached to one but it was later on that it started. He is always pulling himself up on everything and will walk the couch, and he will stand there without holding on. But no steps yet. He has started to become pickier with food, he will still eat anything I make or buy in those pouches. But used to love avocado pieces and now won’t have anything to do with them. He loves carrots pureed but just steaming them he doesn’t eat them. I am not giving up, I am still hoping that this one will like vegetables unlike the big. He has really started joining in on our dance parties, when Grayson first turns on a song; that booty is movin. He’s also increasingly aware of his little wee wee, in the bath he bends all the way forward just so he can get a peak at it. And grabs it any time I change his diaper! Boys.

Oh my goodness I had to come back in and edit this post because I forgot one of my favorite things about this month. He has started a new smile, first it was the scrunchy nose and now he has added squinty eyes. I WILL get a picture of it soon. I just have to. It’s the funniest, cutest little smile.11-months_8217I love you so Carter Joseph.

Amy Baker :: maternity


Each of my sessions lately are topping the charts, they just get better and better. Tommy and Amy are a couple who we’ve known for years and years, and years. Amy’s family and ours has gone to church together since we were all kids, and Tommy became our roommate when we were first married. At first I was super reluctant to have him move in, but once he was there I was so thankful. Scott worked a lot during that time so it was nice to have someone there so it wasn’t so lonely and I felt safer at night. He became a brother to me. I always have a great time when I am with either of them, because they are both hilarious. And now they are bringing a little Baker into the world (well technically they already did since Amy delivered 3 1/2 weeks early!) but I know that baby is going to be so blessed to have such amazing parents. And I am so happy that they now get to experience a love like they’ve never known. It’s the best there is.

Everything about our shoot was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As you will see, I had a hard time narrowing these down and probably could have added even more.baker_5857 baker_5874 baker_5885 baker_5950 baker_6044

I know that I have a lot of similar pictures here, but I love every single one of them for different reasons.baker_6089 baker_6130

Thank you for letting me a part of this special time Tommy and Amy. Now, very soon I get to photograph this special little newborn!