Isaiah : nine months

I bet she didn’t think it would happen to her. When they placed him in her arms the first time, she never imagined it would be possible. That he would ever even come close to turning a year old. Time is a thief of the cruelest kind. She may not feel this way but nine months is harder for me to deal with than a year, nine months is the first time you realize how much they’ve grown. You see their personality come through (that part is my favorite) and they start to explore and grow independent. You start the grieving process now and by the time their first birthday hits you’ve passed the five stages and are just ready to celebrate! The bubble bath session was Sam’s idea, I cannot express enough how much I love when a client gets creative with their sessions. We had lots of help to make this day go off without a hitch and I would say we were pretty successful! Here are a few of our favorites. 

I was even lucky enough to capture Isaiah’s first time standing up by himself! (pictured lower left corner) All in all I would say it was a successful bubble bath, happy nine months Isaiah William. 



Isaiah :: six months


It feels like we just took these six month pictures of Isaiah but it was back at the beginning of December that we did them! I still cannot believe how fast that month flew by. I feel like it was summer, I blinked and now it’s January. I know that this sweet boy can give the best gummy smiles but it was mostly just serious business for our session. I did not mind one bit though, because well, those big eyes.isaiah-8292
He absolutely loved this fluffy blanket.isaiah-8328

And his toes. isaiah-8386

It’s fun watching you grow baby Allen, and even more fun seeing the hearts in your momma’s eyes for you. You are so loved little boy. isaiah-8418

Isaiah :: three months


Little Isaiah is three months old already! I just love him. He was making us laugh because every time we tried to get him on his tummy for a picture, he would roll right over! Every. Time. Grayson loves him too and was so helpful in trying to get Isaiah to look at us with a smile (so helpful in fact he was eventually banished to the playroom). But I love all of these from our session, I could take pictures of him all day.

isaiah-0328 isaiah-0341 isaiah-0358 isaiah-0394

Well hello there.isaiah-0404 isaiah-0414

At the very end, we put him in a nice and cozy bean bag. He really liked it, as you can tell. Love you baby Allen, and momma. xoxoisaiah-0435



Isaiah William :: 6 days old

allen-7636This blog post has been a long time coming, we’ve been waiting for baby Isaiah long before we knew he was a he. We’ve prayed for those ten tiny toes and fingers, and that little beat of his heart for a long time now. I know I am not his mommy but I think the wait was sure worth it, because he is perfect. Sometimes I forget the closeness of our group until something happens (good or bad) but when it does and I see the bond we have, I am so thankful. We are just as happy about this baby for Andy and Sam as if he were our own, and to me that is very special.

I am not sure exactly how long Sam and I have been friends (I think it is going on about 11 years now) but having her as a friend has changed me. She is someone who you can count on to be true to herself, there are no games with her. She is someone who you can trust, in many ways but especially with your secrets. Trust me, I’ve tried to pry things that I know she knows (Like what Amie is having, boy or girl?!) and she’s like a vault, locked down. I love that about her, I want to be more like her. Sam is our biggest cheerleader, she treats every baby of ours like they’re so special. She loves every one of them so good. She is also someone who can laugh at herself, and can take a joke like the best of them. Now seeing her as a mommy, it’s my favorite version.


Of course Andy’s cool too, you know if you want some good BBQ. (kidding Andy you know I love ya) seeing you with Sam and Isaiah has allowed me to see a side of you I never have before.allen-7694

Isaiah was a little angel the morning of our session. Mommy also did a great job following of our suggested tips which totally helped I am sure. I was there for about three hours and I don’t think I saw his eyes open more than once. Definitely allowed us to get many, many, many pictures of him. allen-7709 allen-7720

I think baby lips just beg you to kiss them.

allen-7805allen-7809allen-78138. template_2V

I had to include this one in my favorites because he would randomly stretch out his legs and flex his little feet like this, it was the cutest thing.



Tiny human parts..


Last but not least, Isaiah’s nursery.. They way it all came together was awesome and I love it.. allen-8074 allen-8075 allen-8096 allen-8090

Getting to spend so much time with you guys and your family has been so fun for me. Between labor, and all of the visits I’ve had, I feel like part of the family. The joy that Isaiah brings to everyone in his life is immeasurable. This new chapter, both him and your new house is going to be such a good one. “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lam. 3:22-23)  So thankful for you in my life Allens.

Oh! I almost forgot, I wanted to do something a little special for them so I made this quick montage right after our session.. It got a unanimous thumbs up and heart eyes from the crowd so I figured I would share it here too.