Nicole :: maternity session

Some sessions I know from the very beginning are going to be good. This is one of them, their outfits (and gorgeous faces) I was excited from the first minute I saw them. You will probably recognize this spot because it’s one of my favorites! It has a variety of spots plus perfect lighting, it never disappoints. Without further adieu, Nicole and her three babies.


Isaiah : nine months

I bet she didn’t think it would happen to her. When they placed him in her arms the first time, she never imagined it would be possible. That he would ever even come close to turning a year old. Time is a thief of the cruelest kind. She may not feel this way but nine months is harder for me to deal with than a year, nine months is the first time you realize how much they’ve grown. You see their personality come through (that part is my favorite) and they start to explore and grow independent. You start the grieving process now and by the time their first birthday hits you’ve passed the five stages and are just ready to celebrate! The bubble bath session was Sam’s idea, I cannot express enough how much I love when a client gets creative with their sessions. We had lots of help to make this day go off without a hitch and I would say we were pretty successful! Here are a few of our favorites. 

I was even lucky enough to capture Isaiah’s first time standing up by himself! (pictured lower left corner) All in all I would say it was a successful bubble bath, happy nine months Isaiah William. 


Janessa Hanson :: maternity session

Thank you gorgeous poppies for joining us for this session. Us Southern Californians get really excited when we see any color around here, and there is no color shortage in this session. I have known both Janessa and Jason for years and years, so this session is extra special to me. She is due to have another little boy in May and I am just so excited for them (as a bias boy mom). It was hard to narrow my favorites because there were just so many good ones but I somehow managed to do it.

I think Lincoln is such a perfect mix of daddy and mommy, I can’t wait to see what this sweet boy will look like.   To think I photographed your engagement almost nine years ago and now have the privilege to capture another special time in your lives, thank you for choosing me.

Ayva :: 15 months

ayva-0698ayva-0702 You might recognize this little princess, she is my niece Ayva. She turned one in July, which I of course can hardly believe. It feels like we were just in the delivery room watching this little miracle be born. She is the quietest toddler I’ve ever been around and is so dainty that sometimes I forget she’s even in the room. ayva-0705 ayva-0718 ayva-0734

My favorites of the family coming right up. ayva-0792 ayva-0797 ayva-0846

A baby doll I tell you.ayva-0855 ayva-0880 ayva-0884ayva-0883

Like I said, so quiet and serious. But then with eyes like hers, all she needs to do is look up at me like this and I melt.ayva-0888



Hannah :: six months


There is only one thing better than a six month old coming in, a sweet little shy six month old. Add in the blue eyes and goodness gracious, I couldn’t ask for more. I have been to church with Stephanie for years now and we’ve talked before about having me do some photos of their kids and it just hadn’t happened yet. Until now, baby number four and I sure did get lucky. Nothing but precious smiles coming from Hannah.jacobson-0229 jacobson-0237

Saving my favorite for last because, just look at that face. jacobson-0256

Thank you for letting me take these pictures, and for blessing me with great conversation.


Isaiah :: three months


Little Isaiah is three months old already! I just love him. He was making us laugh because every time we tried to get him on his tummy for a picture, he would roll right over! Every. Time. Grayson loves him too and was so helpful in trying to get Isaiah to look at us with a smile (so helpful in fact he was eventually banished to the playroom). But I love all of these from our session, I could take pictures of him all day.

isaiah-0328 isaiah-0341 isaiah-0358 isaiah-0394

Well hello there.isaiah-0404 isaiah-0414

At the very end, we put him in a nice and cozy bean bag. He really liked it, as you can tell. Love you baby Allen, and momma. xoxoisaiah-0435



Caleb :: four years


I always love when I get to have a session with Caleb. He is such a good, playful little boy who listens to me so well and I really enjoy him. Grayson calls him a friend, and I love that even more. We are a little late but our session was in honor of him turning four years old (in June) oops. Time flies when you’re having fun. We went to the lodge in Canyon Lake, and the lighting there never fails me. caleb-9935 richardson-9946 richardson-9975

Thank you Caleb for being so good for me, and helping me decide the best spots for your pictures.richardson-9982


Carter :: Monthly Achievements

He is on the downward slide to being a year old, so sad how fast it goes but so happy he is in our lives. He truly has made life better, more than I ever imagined.
He is always smiling and content (unless, teething) he sleeps so good and naps like a champ (unless, I have no idea why but we are with the in-laws!) Can’t figure that one out just yet but otherwise he beats Grayson on the sleeping by a long shot. It might also be that I am a better sleep trainer this time around, now that I have a better idea of what I am doing. He has really started to work his way around a room, not crawling yet but he does this thing where he is up on his hands and knees and then kind of lunges forward! It’s so funny. Then there are other times that he does move the knees and hands at the same time and craws a bit, but the lunging is definitely more often. He has elastic hands that must have glue on the paws because that boy can reach and grab everything and anything. So far there hasn’t been anything he doesn’t like to eat, I’ve even been giving him pieces of real food. Stuff that he is already eating in baby form, and a couple new things.. Banana, avocado, cheese, eggs and I even gave him a tiny bite of chicken. I love watching him experiment with new foods that he can grab, the look on his face while examining it just makes me smile. I keep forgetting to record it.

He started off as my moose but now I mostly call him my baby bear. That is about it for this month, it’s funny because they do change a little bit every day. I know that some people don’t love the baby stage, but I do. Experiencing new things with them is my absolute favorite, even the second time around. He still adores Grayson. He lights up when he sees him, and if they’re sitting there together he will (again) lunge forward with wide open arms and tackle him. It’s hilarious.

And then there is this picture. It is nearly impossible these day to get that “perfect picture” that I have in my head, but slowly I am learning to embrace the imperfection of their perfection regardless of the idea in my head. I look at this and I promise my heart literally feels like it’s about to explode with love for them, and their daddy.691a0043



I had to share these last two because it’s his personality for sure. The left with his curled toes and shining eyes, and the right with the feisty side and mid-squeal. And the tan lines on his ankles, heart eyes. We spend so much time outside, he’s got great coloring. Happy eight months my boy, you are my sunshine.



Carter :: Monthly Achievements

Say it isn’t so, just say it isn’t so. SEVEN months today. To be on the other side of six months is just insane to me. I swear I was just evicting him from his cozy spot in my womb. I was just telling my girlfriend the other day that I haven’t even started planning his birthday party yet! Soon though, very soon party planning will be in full effect. Okay back to this month, geez. That scrunchy nose, all day every day. Along with the kicking feet, they’re kind of his thing.

7 months

This is such a fun time, and their personalities really start to show. I will tell you he is an easy going little guy, although somewhat impatient I am learning. Especially when it comes to his food! He loves food, and I love to feed him. I still make all of his food which I really like. I need to come up with some new concoctions though because I feel bad it’s the same thing over and over. He is also a baby that has the “witching hour” it’s not always exactly the same but between about 4:30 and 6:00 sometimes he is crabby. I should rephrase, if I held him and played with him he would be fine. But that can’t happen constantly so he will get fussy about it. He started sitting up about two weeks ago but would fall over a lot, in the last five days or so he is pretty consistent about staying up. Which is what I’ve been waiting for, they just seem so much more aware of the world around them when they can sit up and can interact so much more. I love it. He loves baths, and with him sitting up now I love them too. Makes life so much easier. He started sleeping through the night right after the six month mark and I stopped nursing him. I started him on formula and just let him figure out at night that I was going to feed him and voila, all night. It’s glorious. He is sooooo ticklish, but sometimes he gets mad when he’s tickled. So funny. I am so thankful for him and his big brother is still just as obsessed with him as the first day we brought him home.691A97412 691A97392

There is that little signature scrunchy nose he has. That is his daddy’s favorite thing.


He is also finding his scream, as you can tell in the picture above with Grayson and this one below. Thankfully it is a happy scream (although I have heard the mad one a couple of times, and I am not a fan) It is just a joy to be his momma.