Everett Hanson :: newborn

hanson-1789You might remember Caitlin’s maternity session from a couple of months ago, well this little guy belongs to them. Everett was so sweet and so good for our session, it was a lot of fun for me. Plus I was able to spend some time with his parents, which is always a pleasure. hanson-1852

Oh those lips! I love them so.hanson-1902These last two are my favorite favorite! I might need a big one on display to show off to my other clients. hanson-1927


Carter :: one year

carter-9590Carter boy,

This year with you in our family has brought an indescribable joy to all of us. I mean it, you light up everyone’s life with your infectious smile. We cannot go to even one store without someone stopping me because they have to tell me how cute you are, and that is probably because you smile (and even wave) to everyone who looks your way. It’s one of my favorite things about you. You absolutely adore your big brother, although you definitely know how to work us when it comes to him. We usually assume he’s done something naughty and gets in trouble but more and more we secretly watch you boys, he will get a little too close or gently touch your fingers and you scream! We’re starting to catch on though and that won’t work forever my boy. You are a determine little guy that’s for sure, and I love watching you navigate all of your moves. The way you have to smell your blanket every time you grab it makes me giggle. Life with you is better, and I cannot wait to see who you become.

I had been wanting to do his pictures for a while but apparently California is the new Washington because it rained every.single.day for like three weeks! We were/are so over it. But we had a clear two days and so I took full advantage. We took these in Andrea’s gorgeous backyard. I had planned to use another spot in her yard but unfortunately the sun was too far down on that side. Luckily she has eight million other sides to her yard that look amazing! I brought reinforcements to our session because well, the only time this guy doesn’t smile is during an actual photoshoot. And I even left feeling a little bummed because I didn’t think I got too much of what I was looking for. Buuut, once I got home I saw soooo many that I loved. (All thanks to his Nana!)

carter-9591I added this one directly above because if you ask him where his head is, this is his answer. Next we are working on the nose. And speaking of his nose, that little side profile below is just adorable to me!  carter-9615I don’t typically let me boys eat sugar for a long time with the exception of their birthdays. So while this cake looks gigantic for my one year old, I made it because a. I wanted to practice it for his party and b. I knew he wouldn’t eat too much. And he really did lose interest in about five minutes. But I sure think he was adorable for those five minutes.carter-9676 carter-9721Happy first birthday my baby bear, we love you with our whole hearts.

Isaiah :: six months


It feels like we just took these six month pictures of Isaiah but it was back at the beginning of December that we did them! I still cannot believe how fast that month flew by. I feel like it was summer, I blinked and now it’s January. I know that this sweet boy can give the best gummy smiles but it was mostly just serious business for our session. I did not mind one bit though, because well, those big eyes.isaiah-8292
He absolutely loved this fluffy blanket.isaiah-8328

And his toes. isaiah-8386

It’s fun watching you grow baby Allen, and even more fun seeing the hearts in your momma’s eyes for you. You are so loved little boy. isaiah-8418

The Richardson family

richardson-6562The Richardson family are another favorite of mine, and another note of appreciation to Andrea is the Richardson’s. They came to me as a referral of Andrea’s and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. They haven’t been clients as long as the Siepker’s but it sure feels like they’ve always been here. I can still remember when Andrea first told me Stef was pregnant, I had my fingers crossed that she would call me for her maternity or newborn session and then she DID! That is where it all began. I loved Stef from the minute I met her and haven’t stopped talking her ear off since. (Funny side story, I’ve actually known Chris for way longer. We met in high school because of a mutual friend, and he and Scott were also neighbors growing up. Small world!) I appreciate Chris too, because he appreciates me. Not many guys (ahem-Ivan) understand why pictures are so important to us girls, but Chris gets it. I love that.

Our session was on pretty much the one and only day it rained in November. Oh and the wind, so windy. But we just went with it and I am glad we did, I love so many of them.

richardson-6592 richardson-6650 richardson-6670ps. I am kidding Ivan, I know you’re coming around and before you know it – collages everywhere of that baby girl.

Calum :: newborn


The holidays didn’t just bring the families this year, but also an abundance of newborns. This sleepy little guy is Calum, and I’ve known his mommy for a verrrry long time. So when she asked me to take these I was honored she would think of me. Calum was born six weeks early and we took these when he was six weeks old, he was adorable and sleepy and perfect. calum-7690 calum-7703

Oh and the eyelashes, the longest I’ve ever seen on a six week old. And so blonde. Heather booked my Let them be Little sessions, so lucky me I will get to see this boy a ton in his first year. calum-7705

Emerson :: newborn


Look at that little baby smile! Newborn smiles are the sweetest. Meet Emerson, he was only days old in these although now he is two months old!

He surprised his mommy and daddy by joining the world four weeks early! You might remember Amy’s maternity session, it’s one of my all time favorites. Well, this little guy belongs to them and I am just so so happy for them.

baker-7165 baker-7194 baker-7290baker-7390It’s already almost time for his three month photos! Promise I won’t take this long sharing those, love you Baker family of three.

The Siepker family

siepker-4574I can always count on Andrea’s sessions to both amaze and stress me out. Amazing because she has a beautiful family and a great sense of style, and stress me because the girl can’t get there on time if it killed her.  She’s just lucky I love her (and shoot fast). This year we went to Humphrey Estate, which is a location you have to pay to shoot at but in my opinion, totally worth it. Because of our late start we didn’t even get through half of the estate, and have already talked about going back next year because it’s so beautiful and want to be able to explore the other half.

It truly is a gift that I have photographed this family all of these years. Andrea was literally my second client ever and has stuck with me all of these years. (I think I say the same thing every year I blog their family session) There is something so amazing about seeing a family change over time, being able to document it and at the same time gain such a great friend through it all. I can remember holding Grace as a baby in the hospital, and just waiting for my turn to hold such a precious gift. I can remember during my heartbreak, that I could always count on Andrea to not judge me but just listen, and understand that I was anger or jealous. I remember her bringing me her delicous enchiladas the week Grayson was born and always being someone who is there. She is always there. If all I ever got from photography was this one friendship, that would be enough.

Okay enough of this sappy stuff, who wants to see another gorgeous session?! This spot, their outfits and beautiful faces. I swear Andrea gets prettier with age. Another Siepker session, another favorite.

siepker-4578 siepker-4631 siepker-4666 siepker-4744

xoxo, jess.

Caitlin Hanson :: winter maternity session

hanson-8056When I think about it being a new year, and then scrolling through Caitlin’s maternity pictures it makes me so excited for them. Excited thinking that any day their very next chapter will begin, if you ask me it’s the best chapter. Babies bring an indescribable joy, they make every single day a better one. How wonderful to start off a new year like that. Of course, I actually know exactly what Cait is thinking these days. (“When will he get OUT?!” This was me at exactly the same time last year) buuut once he is here, what a wonderful way to start the new year!

You guys, from the moment I saw the tiny little ultrasound picture and knew you heard that heartbeat I was just so very happy for you. And Everett, you have been showered with prayer from the very beginning. I cannot wait to see your family grow and for you to know love like you never have before. You will be amazing parents, so much love to you.hanson-8067 hanson-8090 hanson-8173

Amy Baker :: maternity


Each of my sessions lately are topping the charts, they just get better and better. Tommy and Amy are a couple who we’ve known for years and years, and years. Amy’s family and ours has gone to church together since we were all kids, and Tommy became our roommate when we were first married. At first I was super reluctant to have him move in, but once he was there I was so thankful. Scott worked a lot during that time so it was nice to have someone there so it wasn’t so lonely and I felt safer at night. He became a brother to me. I always have a great time when I am with either of them, because they are both hilarious. And now they are bringing a little Baker into the world (well technically they already did since Amy delivered 3 1/2 weeks early!) but I know that baby is going to be so blessed to have such amazing parents. And I am so happy that they now get to experience a love like they’ve never known. It’s the best there is.

Everything about our shoot was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As you will see, I had a hard time narrowing these down and probably could have added even more.baker_5857 baker_5874 baker_5885 baker_5950 baker_6044

I know that I have a lot of similar pictures here, but I love every single one of them for different reasons.baker_6089 baker_6130

Thank you for letting me a part of this special time Tommy and Amy. Now, very soon I get to photograph this special little newborn!

The Osborn family


The Osborn family. Where do I start? What a pleasure it was to take their pictures, I’ve known Lynette for a while now but it was my first time meeting the entire family. Because of Lynette, I already knew I would love them and they did not disappoint. Lynette has quickly become of my favorite friends, we actually met last summer briefly and I’m only sad we didn’t connect back then. She doesn’t call California home and thought of her leaving hurts deep down in my heart. So however long she is here, you can be sure I will be soaking in all of her Godly, motherly wisdom. We have a little joke, “Lynette tell her so she will believe me.” Because if Lynette says it, it must be true.

But back to her family, look at them! Beauty if I’ve ever seen it, and wouldn’t you know they are expecting another and I am sending all of the little boy prayers her way hoping she’s going to take back a little surfer dude to Indiana whenever they go.


Ahh these girls, all so beautiful.


Oh Neva, you are so precious I can hardly stand it. Thank you Andy and Lynette for spending the afternoon with me, I enjoyed it more than you know.