Janessa Hanson :: maternity session

Thank you gorgeous poppies for joining us for this session. Us Southern Californians get really excited when we see any color around here, and there is no color shortage in this session. I have known both Janessa and Jason for years and years, so this session is extra special to me. She is due to have another little boy in May and I am just so excited for them (as a bias boy mom). It was hard to narrow my favorites because there were just so many good ones but I somehow managed to do it.

I think Lincoln is such a perfect mix of daddy and mommy, I can’t wait to see what this sweet boy will look like.   To think I photographed your engagement almost nine years ago and now have the privilege to capture another special time in your lives, thank you for choosing me.


Caitlin Hanson :: winter maternity session

hanson-8056When I think about it being a new year, and then scrolling through Caitlin’s maternity pictures it makes me so excited for them. Excited thinking that any day their very next chapter will begin, if you ask me it’s the best chapter. Babies bring an indescribable joy, they make every single day a better one. How wonderful to start off a new year like that. Of course, I actually know exactly what Cait is thinking these days. (“When will he get OUT?!” This was me at exactly the same time last year) buuut once he is here, what a wonderful way to start the new year!

You guys, from the moment I saw the tiny little ultrasound picture and knew you heard that heartbeat I was just so very happy for you. And Everett, you have been showered with prayer from the very beginning. I cannot wait to see your family grow and for you to know love like you never have before. You will be amazing parents, so much love to you.hanson-8067 hanson-8090 hanson-8173

Amy Baker :: maternity


Each of my sessions lately are topping the charts, they just get better and better. Tommy and Amy are a couple who we’ve known for years and years, and years. Amy’s family and ours has gone to church together since we were all kids, and Tommy became our roommate when we were first married. At first I was super reluctant to have him move in, but once he was there I was so thankful. Scott worked a lot during that time so it was nice to have someone there so it wasn’t so lonely and I felt safer at night. He became a brother to me. I always have a great time when I am with either of them, because they are both hilarious. And now they are bringing a little Baker into the world (well technically they already did since Amy delivered 3 1/2 weeks early!) but I know that baby is going to be so blessed to have such amazing parents. And I am so happy that they now get to experience a love like they’ve never known. It’s the best there is.

Everything about our shoot was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As you will see, I had a hard time narrowing these down and probably could have added even more.baker_5857 baker_5874 baker_5885 baker_5950 baker_6044

I know that I have a lot of similar pictures here, but I love every single one of them for different reasons.baker_6089 baker_6130

Thank you for letting me a part of this special time Tommy and Amy. Now, very soon I get to photograph this special little newborn!