Reighlyn :: One year

It only took me two months but I finally picked out my favorites and put them together for this post. Ahh just seeing all the colors in this makes me love them even more. For anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of rain, like at all. But I have to admit, it sure makes this photographer happy to see so much green everywhere. This spot has been one of my favorites lately for the desert-ish feel it normally has but I love this too. I was really surprised to get here and see that the dry creek bed wasn’t so dry. But Meg is a trooper and I told her it would be worth it once we got up there and sure enough it was. Wet shoes and all.

Reighlyn is such a sweet baby, whenever we’re around her she just hangs out. She’s happy and doesn’t fuss, I love that her and Carter are so close in age and I hope they’re friends forever. Here are all the ones I feel that totally captured her little personality. It’s my favorite when clients bring a prop or two to liven up our session. 

Girls are fun, I love you Reigh.


Reighlyn :: nine months


Reighlyn’s turn! Nine months old already baby girl. She is so calm, and always smiling. I mean, look at that face. Pure joy if you ask me.

saunders-2682 saunders-2753

She gives the best serious face, I think it’s because of all of her beautiful features. Her big eyes! And that little dip of her chin is my favorite!




Reighlyn :: six months


Have you ever seen a cuter grin?? I can’t believe it has already been six months. Reighlyn has the sweetest little personality and was such a joy to take pictures of. So easy going and happy. It is going to be so much fun watching this little one grow.reighlyn-8943 reighlyn-8966 reighlyn-9024 reighlyn-9013

I think I mentioned before that she and Carter are birthday buddies, born only a day apart. So we try to take a picture of them together when we can.. This is last week when Carter was a whole different baby because of teething (I think?) so he was not having pictures at all. But here is our quarterly Reighlyn/Carter picture. Poor Reighlyn became so upset because her friend wouldn’t stop crying that it started her as well. Oh well, here’s to hoping the nine month one is successful! reighlyn-9039



Reighlyn :: four months


Funny story, I was scheduled to be induced January 7th early in the morning. Buuut when I called to make sure I could come in I was told I COULDN’T because there weren’t enough beds. Four women had literally just come in before I called all ready to deliver. 25 minutes later this little lady’s grammy sent me a message her that her mommy was in labor with her. Hey, she was in MY bed! (She wasn’t due for three more weeks!) Not gonna lie, I was a little grumpy that morning. But that’s another blog post for another time. I was so so very excited that Reighlyn was born, and I couldn’t wait to meet her! Carter was born the next day so these little friends are only one day apart. Now Reighlyn is four months old and such a smiley girl. It has already been so much fun to go through these past for months with Megan, I can’t wait for them to grow up together. They came over at the beginning of this week for our session and I love all of these, I think that first one is my favorite but here are the others I love.saunders-6483 saunders-6492

See, smiley and happy.saunders-6539 saunders-6551

Carter crashed her session for a few minutes, we’ve got some chubby bunnies that’s for sure. I love them so much.saunders-6505