Carter :: Monthly Achievements

Whoa! ELEVEN months. In some ways it feels like yesterday he was born but in most ways it feels like he’s always been here. He is still the sweetest little boy, he does get a tiny mad when his brother is bugging him but he’s also learned how to work the system. He knows Grayson gets in trouble for hurting him so sometimes Grayson just goes to hug him and he screams out! Haha it’s amazing how smart babies are.

Can we talk about how it is going to be his FIRST Christmas in a couple of weeks?! I really do believe that I am more excited now that I have kids than when I was younger. I am so so excited for this year! And just look at those little Christmas leggings he’s wearing! The picture this month part cracks me up part embarrasses me. He looks like alfalfa or something. This month it was almost impossible to get this picture without anyone’s help, Grayson tries but he actually makes it more work for me! So little puffs was my answer to try to get him to sit for a least four seconds to snap something. But really it just looks like he has hillbilly teeth! And his hair, gosh what happened to it? I swear I did it. But hey, I have to take what I can get these days.


This boy is sooo attached to his blankets, I’ve mixed a few this time so he’s not exactly attached to one in particular but whichever one he is using. (I use the Aiden & Anais brand) He will go into his room and pull it down from his bed and lay on it, or even pull down my diaper bag from the couch because I always have one in there too. It still cracks me up every time he does it. Grayson was/is attached to one but it was later on that it started. He is always pulling himself up on everything and will walk the couch, and he will stand there without holding on. But no steps yet. He has started to become pickier with food, he will still eat anything I make or buy in those pouches. But used to love avocado pieces and now won’t have anything to do with them. He loves carrots pureed but just steaming them he doesn’t eat them. I am not giving up, I am still hoping that this one will like vegetables unlike the big. He has really started joining in on our dance parties, when Grayson first turns on a song; that booty is movin. He’s also increasingly aware of his little wee wee, in the bath he bends all the way forward just so he can get a peak at it. And grabs it any time I change his diaper! Boys.

Oh my goodness I had to come back in and edit this post because I forgot one of my favorite things about this month. He has started a new smile, first it was the scrunchy nose and now he has added squinty eyes. I WILL get a picture of it soon. I just have to. It’s the funniest, cutest little smile.11-months_8217I love you so Carter Joseph.