Grayson :: 5 years

┬áHoly five years Batman! I mean seriously. It truly is not fair how fast time goes when you have babies. I swear I just held him on my chest for the first time yesterday. I know that technically he’s been five for three months but that’s okay.

Every mom is bias but he has always been such a good kid (trust me I know especially because number two, a little stinker) And he is a good boy too (not perfect of course) but so caring and sweet and a little people pleaser (gets it from his momma). He is still obsessed with sports, the state of Texas and his daddy. He says “tormato” instead of tornado and “cauizzi” instead of jacuzzi but we refuse to correct him.

He makes me so dang proud to be his mommy (like 95% of the time) and as much as I constantly mourn him no longer being a baby, I truly can’t wait to see the type of man he becomes. He’s already brought up marriage, and I’ve already given him two rules for his wife. Ask him what they are. Grayson Scott, you are one of my very best friends.


Christmas List 2016

I am going to make this short and sweet, mostly because I am short on time. Bottom line for Grayson, he is obsessed with any and all legos. The very first thing we’ll add is the Super Hero Airport Battle , and I know he probably wants this City Fire Station but will probably end up with something like this haha! We were at the store the other day and he said, “can you add this to my Christmas list?” So here we go, Ninja Turtle party van (which would be now a third Ninja Turtle party van in his possession, but that’s okay) This Paw Patroller is still on his list. Forever now I have wanted to get a little kitchen, Scott thinks it would be a waste but I don’t at all, especially as they both get older. I think the Step2 one would be perfect. Then because they have a kitchen, they definitely need a shopping cart and vegetables. Then because they need somewhere to eat their pretend food, the just need a little table. I have this strange love for Little People, they are my absolute favorite baby toys. So for Carter, I definitely wanted to add this little Fire Truck and look how cute this little Mickey and Minnie house is. While I was making this list, Target convieniently sent me an email with gift ideas. #targetdoesitagain. We are big fans of push toys around here, Grayson has always liked to race them around. This Stride & Ride Lion is adorable, and who doesn’t love a colorful, loud BeatBowWow. I think that about does it. christmas-list-2016

Grayson’s Spider-man birthday party

691A7033-2This Spider-man birthday party has been in the planning stages (by Grayson) since May of last year. Geez talk about pressure. I have to talk myself out of going all out, not because I have anything to prove but because I just love it. I love all the fun details that you can do with parties, and showers. But knowing he doesn’t need an extravagant party every year I tried to keep it very simple this time. What he cared about the most was his cake and a Spider-man jumper. Check and check.

Because I love planning and throwing parties and it is not in me to procrastinate, there isn’t much that stresses me out before or during them. Except, the weather.. dundundun. Go figure it’s the only thing I can’t control. We are pretty fortunate in California but in the last four years we’ve had a mixture of weather for his parties. Last year was perfect, cloudy but not cold at all. Actually his second birthday was perfect too, sunny but not hot.. First was like a thousand degrees and then this one…. sooooo windy.. I was so bummed by it.. The reason it stresses me out is because I always, always want the guests to be completely comfortable. If they might not be, it worries me.

Enough about that, oh but one more thing. Because it was ridiculously windy I decided to keep just about everything that wasn’t heavy enough in boxes. Lame. But what can I do. Like I said, I kept pretty simple so fruit skewers, a fun trail mix and a really delicious brownie batter dip to start off the table. I had El Pollo Loco chicken, beans and rice so I just did chips and dip too.

691A7018 691A7022

I made chocolate and then used this amazing frosting recipe and mixed it with red food coloring. Scott’s sister did a great job on decorating it, Grayson loved it. Everyone else did too, that thing was gone long before we even got half way through the store bought one.691A7029 691A7037

Not my favorite picture ever, wind blown family at it’s finest but that’s okay. It’s us. It made Grayson so happy to have all of us wearing our super-hero clothes.691A7055-2

The attack of the terrible wind, Scott had hung the pinata before and while we were still setting up the wind (plus poor quality I’m sure) took Spidey’s body right off. So Scott used a little a ton of packing tape to stitch him up. Good as new right?691A7059

Pinata’s are serious business around here. The determination on his face kills me. He’s never had a look like that before, that’s for sure.691A7110-2

Some of his buddies and their go at it.691A7082-2 691A7068

It made my heart happy to see so many people show up wearing some super hero gear. Even the mommy and daddy’s, Grayson loved that part too. I believe this is most of the gang, well the ones old enough to stand anyway. 691A7152-2

And this might be my favorite from the day.. These four. I hope their bond and love for each other only grows stronger and stronger.




I’m here for another installment of things Grayson says.

As you all know Gray had his first chance to go to soccer camp recently, this was one of our conversations on the first day.
Me: “Today I want you to be polite and sweet. So no thank you and yes please.
You have to be patient, wait your turn and listen to the coach.”
G: “I will do my best.”

I turned the tv to NCIS.
Grayson: “Not a kids show?”
Me: “No”
Him: “REALLY?!”

Grayson: “Look at me.” “I will like that when I’m five years old.”

G: “Hey! That’s where we went for Owen’s birthday party.”
Scott: “You’re smart Grayson!”
G: “I know. I’m so awesome.”

At the dermatologist after the doctor left.
Grayson: “Mommy, the doctors hands are cold! I like when people’s hand are cold!”

When Carter starts crying,

I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Grayson walks in.
G: “Mommy, how did the doctors get baby Carter out?” (What?!)Me: “Go ask your daddy.”

When I was putting him to bed one night.
Grayson: “Tomar means drink in Spanish”
Me: “Good job! Do you know how to say thank you in Spanish?”
Gray: “Thank you in Spanish”


Grayson :: four years old


My precious Grayson,

I asked you last night if you knew that I loved you, you said yes. I asked you if you knew just how much I loved you, you said yes. But I know that you don’t fully understand the depth of my love for you, and that’s okay you don’t need to. But I will continue you tell you every day, at every chance I get that I love you big. I am wiping tears as I type, I love the way you love. You love your daddy, baby brother, your Papa and Nana’s, even your toys. You cherish it all. I see so much of both my and your daddy’s personalities in you as you grow. You get in this mood and you clean up everything, I mean everything.. even my stuff that I left out (that is all daddy) You are the best of the best when it comes to negotiating to get what you want, (whoops) and catch on to everything that is said, even when we talk in what we think is code. You love birthday parties, especially your own and have already started planning next year but haven’t even had this years’. You like to tell your friends mommies exactly what they are doing, even when they don’t ask. You are the best at telling the people you care about the most that you love them. You always want to hold hands with both me and your little brother. Four years ago you changed me for the best. I wouldn’t want anyone but you to tuck into bed every night. You are my favorite little person, and I love you so much.


When I started thinking about what I wanted him to wear for these my first thought was definitely not a Tom & Jerry shirt. But as I thought more about it, and wanting to capture exactly who is now I knew he had to wear it. Lately all he wants to watch is the old cartoons that we watched as a kid. Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It’s so cute, and let me tell you.. way less annoying than the cartoons out these days. grayson-6908 grayson-6911

This look, this is a Grayson look. I can’t remember what we asked him here but this is the look you get if you tell him he likes princesses or pink, “no way I don’t but I think you’re funny.”grayson-6919

Always with the thumbs up, or pointer finger in the sky. Classic move.grayson-6936 grayson-6943 grayson-6955

Let’s not forget Spidey-hands.grayson-6975


Now this look on the right, another classic Grayson look. This is right after he says, “Aw, cooome on!”grayson-6991 grayson-7009

Me: “Okay, do you want your chocolate now.” Him:


Goodness I love him so much it hurts. Happy Birthday my son, I can’t wait to spend today with you and then celebrate you tomorrow with all the other people who love you so.

(His cute shirt is from a fun shop Trendy Treehouse, I had been eyeballing it for a while and decided to finally get it, such a cute one for Memorial day)

Best Friends.


Oh these boys. The have my whole heart for my whole life. I look at these and understand fully the Grace of Jesus because I do not deserve them. I am trying to embrace the whole “not perfect” picture these days. It’s hard. I look at them and think, ahh “if only”, I guess I wouldn’t be a photographer if I wasn’t a perfectionist in this craft. But for now, because these are my boys I don’t mind the imperfections. I just want to wake them up and give them big hugs and extra kisses.691A6184 691A6192 691A6193 691A6201

IF ONLY Carter was smiling on the right one, it would be the best picture ever. Finally a real smile from my big brother. Although even with no smile, I still love it. I pray these boys really do grow up to be the best of friends.691A6212

Grayson’s Birthday Wishlist

Wow I thought what I’ve put together before was a wishlist, but now that this kid actually has his own input. It is truly a wishlist, and let me tell you… I could have added a ton more to it. Every commercial that comes on the Disney channel is something he wants, “I WANT THAT!!” All.the.time. So I limited this to the ones that I could tolerate.

In a nutshell, he loves all things Ninja Turtle, and Super Hero. And we are big fans of Play-Doh around here, we also love being outside. He’s pretty easy, he loves it all. He is so excited about his birthday party, he is just like his momma.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Our first soccer camp experience

Our church (Calvary Canyon Hills) has been putting on a soccer camp for the kids spring break for the last few years and Grayson and I have always gone and just hung out on the sidelines. Well this year my bugaboo was old enough to participate, I was really excited! Overall he had a great time (he loves anything outside). The kids his age didn’t do much “soccer” but practiced a few things. Mostly they are just so darn cute running around in those oversized florescent jerseys! soccercamp_5026

Sweet friends Tanner and Rhyan joined in on the fun.soccercamp_5027

Eli (water break)soccercamp_5045

My favorite of Gray from the week.soccercamp_5108

There is his buddy Owen.. the one bending over.. Like I said, they had some time on their hands in between “drills” Haha I love it!soccercamp_5113

I love this little series. He seems pretty satisfied with himself here.soccercamp_5145 soccercamp_5147

Then there is this one. And yes the first day it was actually cool enough for him to be wearing a sweater! For about 10 minutes at least. Even when he’s looking serious, his lips smile I just love him!soccercamp_5037

Still working on those videos with my camera, please excuse anything out of focus ha!

In the past I have been behind the scenes in a lot of events our church hosts and for a change I have really, really loved participating with Grayson the last few years. I am so thankful for the people who give their time and make them so fun for us. (As always if you’re looking for a church to fellowship and be truly fed, come on over! You can check out the website and find out service times here.) Happy Monday!


I’ve known since the very beginning that Grayson was going to be a funny kid. (at least funny to me anyway) so I thought I would start writing out some of the things he comes up with, maybe someone else might get a chuckle too. We’ll call them Graysonisms.

Grayson: Pointing to a bicycle with a basked on the front, “Look mommy, she has a wire on her bike like yours. You guys can put a puppy in there.”

Playing pretend. Grayson: I’m going to the store.”
My mom: “What store are you going to?”
Grayson: “Michael’s, I need to buy some letters.”
Oh man, poor kid has been on one too many errands with me.

Grayson: “Mommy there’s some bad news in the other room, come on I’ll show you.”

Me to Carter: “What are you thinking about little boy?”
Grayson: “He’s probably thinking about milk.”

I was driving with the boys and I glanced back at Grayson and he had a smile on face, I asked him what he was thinking about. He said, “I’m just thinking about Uncle Ryan, I just want to play with him.”

691A4752 691A4735 Well this would have been a cute one but..691A4745

And speaking of blurry.. I have had my Canon 5D for over a year (maybe more) and have never even touched the video feature until today, and I did horrible. But I still wanted to make put these all together because despite how blurry it is, you can still see how big his smile is. Now I might be addicted, so you will more than likely see more of these little videos.. and more than likely they will have this same song because it’s my absolute favorite! I know I could have muted the actual video but I just love his little voice.